Who Is Amanda Stanton's Ex-Husband Nick? 'The Bachelor' Contestant Seems To Have His Support

Behind all of the panic attacks, bullying, and cankle talk on this season of Bachelor , there's contestant Amanda Stanton. She's the soft-spoken mother of two daughters who quickly opened up to Ben Higgins about her daughters in Week 2 of the show. Her transparency, while admirable, also led to more questions from fans, including those wondering who Amanda's ex-husband is. I'm here to report that Amanda's ex not only seems like an awesome father, but he also appears to even have a great outlook on his ex-wife being on the show. Bustle reached out to him for a comment on the matter but has not yet received a reply.

Amanda has not hidden her past relationships from Ben or viewers since the season began. By her own admission, Amanda shared in the premiere episode that she was a single mother of two after a recent divorce from her ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio. She is now looking for love and hopes Ben could be the one. The Bachelor was very open to the idea of Amanda having two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie, from a previous relationship, but the two have yet to dive deep into her past with her ex-husband (a conversation that is sure to happen at some point this season if the pair gets more serious with their relationship).

After a bit of social media investigating, it's pretty obvious that Amanda's ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio, is the ex-husband you would want if you were to ever go on The Bachelor. The supportive ex publicly shared the following status on Facebook right before the Season 20 premiere:

For some reason this year, more than ever, I am interested in watching The Bachelor. I'll be having a viewing party at my house this monday. Text or message me if you want to come.

Although I haven't been in the situation, I'd say that this outlook is a pretty positive one for an ex-husband to have. So, what else is there to know about Nick?

According to his LinkedIn, he is an advertising sales consultant at the Orange County Register. Before that, he was working at the St. Regis Hotel.

Just like Amanda, Nick shares many photos of their beautiful daughters on social media. He recently shared one of Kinsley wearing the "Wine, Bachelor , and Yoga Pants" tank that Bachelor Nation loves, proving that everyone in the family supports their mom's journey to find love.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC