'Bachelor' Star Jubilee's Instagram Game Is Epic

Jubilee Sharpe has proven more than once that she is no typical Bachelor contestant. The 25-year-old was a member of the Armed Forces who was stationed in Afghanistan, is studying to be a cardiac sonography technician, and also appears to have done some modeling in the past. In addition to her accomplishments, Jubilee opened up to Bachelor Ben Higgins about her traumatic past being the only surviving member of her biological family. (She was born in Haiti and later adopted by an American family.) Jubilee is such an interesting person and her strong character has kept audiences captivated, so I started wondering what the contestant was like off the show. Fortunately, Jubilee posts Instagram photos that perfectly capture her real life when she's not surrounded by roses or helicopters.

According to her social media pages, Jubilee seems to have a wide variety of interests and talents, including outdoor exercise, reading, and hanging out with friends and family — so, she's pretty much your average 20-something! Take a gander for yourself at a selection of Jubilee's Instagrams that prove she totally has a great life outside of appearing on The Bachelor. Basically, they show that Ben or no Ben, she's doing just fine.

1. She Is A Total Goofball

Jubilee's definitely a driven young woman, but her lively spirit keeps everything she does light! This snap of her and a friend goofing around in their Army sweats prove that you can be dedicated to a cause and still make it fun.

2. She Will Be One Glamorous Graduate

I have some serious hair envy after seeing the way Jubilee pairs those badass braids with those scrubs. And, another post of hers revealed that she will graduate from Cardiovascular Sonography school in March, making her beautiful and brainy.

3. She Loves Her Family

Jubilee posts a lot of photos of her and her mother, which gives us a glimpse into how she feels about her family members. Family first is a great way to prioritize, Jubilee!

4. She Plays Dress-Up

Gotta love a girl who can get into the Halloween spirit.

5. She Is An Extreme Sports Enthusiast

Jubilee's caption says that she spent New Years boarding with her dad — he sounds like a pretty cool dad, and she's definitely a cool daughter to ride those slopes!

6. She Really Loves Exercise

Her Instagram is full of references to working out, making her my new fitness inspiration for 2016.

7. She Has Fun With Friends

Can anyone tell me where to find this magical place where rubby duckies grace your fishbowl drinks? HMU, Jubilee, it definitely seems like you're a fun one to party with!

8. She Loves To Read

Though she knows how to have a good time, Jubilee revealed her quieter side here with her self-professed love of reading. Same!

9. She's Great With Kids

Jubilee frequently posts photos of herself with children, so she'd probably be a great mom. Aww.

10. She Keeps Old Friends Close

Although she wasn't in high school that long ago, it is always refreshing when you see someone keep in touch with the people who knew them back then!

11. She Hangs By The Pool

Though Jubilee said she doesn't like to swim, I'm definitely on board with her "doggy paddle" policy.

12. She Has Great Taste In Snacks

It looks like Jubilee is posing with a box of Cheez-Its in this pic, which makes me like her 1003458 billion times more.

13. She's Always Had Amazing Hair

This photo from almost a year ago showcases a half-shave that really makes me want to reach for the electric razor myself...

In short, Jubilee is a total rockstar who isn't afraid to share with us all of the ins and outs of her cool life. Who knows if she will end up with Ben or not — but I'm just enjoying getting to know her!

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC