All The Times Hiddleston Played Other Avengers

Before Tom Hiddleston landed the role as our favorite villian Loki, Hiddleston originally auditioned for Thor's role. Says Hiddleston, "For my screen test for Thor, I put on twenty pounds, and then [the director] took me out for breakfast and said, 'I want you to play Loki. Can you lose that twenty pounds?'" So Hiddleston did, and his rendition of Loki is so perfect that we're not that upset that he didn't get cast in the lead role.

However, fans always wanted to see what Hiddleston, and his usual slight frame, looked like with 20 pounds of muscle and today all of our wishes have come true: clips of Hiddleston's screen test have been made available by Yahoo Movies. It's Hiddleston as you've never seen him before with long flowing blonde hair and much more muscle, though still not as much as Chris Hemsworth, who won the role in the end with his "brick shithouse" stature. Tom's words, not mine.

"Around the time I screen-tested, they realized that they needed someone with a very palpable physical intensity," says Hiddleston of his audition. "And the moment I met Chris Hemsworth and saw that his biceps were the size of my head, I saw exactly what they meant."

Even if Hiddleston didn't win the role in the end, he would have made a pretty intense Thor. Check out his screen test below:

But Thor isn't the only Avenger that Hiddleston's gotten to play. In a deleted scene from Thor: The Dark World released this week, Loki morphs into Captain America, tight suit and all. He was replaced by actual Captain America's Chris Evans for the scene in the real movie, but this version which must have been done as a test, shows Hiddleston acting the whole part out, even putting on an Evans accent to say "You want to have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, patriotism? God bless America!"

We don't really know why Hiddleston had to don the costume for the scene run-through, but knowing him, he just thought it would be fun to try it on for size. You can watch the scene here:

He also got his hands on Hulk in 2012 when he asked to try on an interviewer's toy Hulk fist. "I want this," he says. "I want two of these. I think it'd be fun just to walk around and cook a meal." You can watch Hiddleston try the Hulk on for size at about 2:15

As great as Hiddleston looks as Thor, Captain America, or even just one of Hulk's fists, he was born to play Loki, so we're glad he ended up with that role. He's got that villainous grin down pat:

Images: thetomhiddlestoneffect/Tumblr; Yahoo; becausehiddles/Tumblr