11 'Zoolander' Memes That Are So Hot Right Now

Zoolander: it's so hot right now. Or at least it will be by the time Zoolander 2 catwalks into theaters on Feb. 12. The movie looks like it's going to be awesome, and should fill a need that Zoolander fans didn't know they've been missing for the past 15 years — and the Zoolander memes compiled below from the first film should definitely help get you excited for the upcoming movie.

A lot has changed since the first Zoolander debuted in 2001. Although Ben Stiller had already established himself as a comedy superstar with his roles in Meet the Parents and There's Something About Mary, his co-stars Owen

Wilson and Will Ferrell were not all that well known. Wilson had had some memorable sidekick roles, but he was still a few years away from his monster hit Wedding Crashers, and Ferrell was a TV star thanks to SNL, but had not yet had his big movie breakout that would occur a year later in Old School. In other words, all these guys are comedy legends now, so getting them back together as seasoned vets for Zoolander 2 is the equivalent of brining in some NBA ringers to play in a high school basketball game. Not only that, but comedy powerhouse Kristen Wiig has also been added to the team for the sequel, meaning that Zoolander 2 won't just be funny, it might just have the most stacked collection of comedic talent of any film ever. I realize that's high praise, but seriously, this movie is going to be hilarious. To get you appropriately excited for the sequel, here are 11 Zoolander memes that capture the spirit of the film.


Important Question

Is There, Though?

A Cautionary Tale

Technology Has Come A Long Way Since 2011

Checks Out


Not About That Life

Words To Live By

Thanks For That

For Real, Though

By now you should be overflowing with excitement for Zoolander 2, but what if you're not? Well, then you must be taking crazy pills.

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