Yvonne May Have Many Ties To Spencer On 'PLL'

The time jump has certainly stirred things up in Pretty Little Liars Season 6B. Aria's got a new boyfriend. Hanna's engaged. Emily's donating her eggs. Spencer is hooking up with Caleb — the list goes on. Among the series' new shakeups? Well, apparently we'll be meeting a new character named Yvonne this week in "New Guys, New Lies." So, who is Yvonne on Pretty Little Liars ?

Well, for starters, she'll be played by Kara Royster, who will be making her first PLL appearance on Tuesday night and after that, she'll appear in a handful of episodes this season, according to TVLine. The website also reported that Keegan Allen described Yvonne as "an important person in [Toby’s] story and his life." E! News also revealed that the character will be a "smart and sleek" politician's daughter, "who will cause some major drama for one of the Liars." I'll give you one guess as to just which Liar (who also just so happens to be a sleek and smart politician's daughter who was once involved with Toby) she'll be causing major drama for.

Spencer may have fairly effectively moved on from Toby (if the whole makeout sesh with Caleb is any indication anyway), but if Yvonne is his new girlfriend — which all signs are currently pointing to — I think we can safely bet that she's going to have trouble digesting that. After all, she was definitely affected by the thought of him building a house for someone else in the Season 6B premiere. And, if Toby's new girlfriend is a savvy politician's daughter just like Spencer, it sounds like the two characters will be political, professional rivals, which will surely complicate matters even further. For more on what's ahead on Pretty Little Liars, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

Of course, we can pretty much count on some love triangle — or pentagon, rather, when you add in Hanna and Caleb — weirdness, but since Yvonne is a politician's daughter, she'll probably also end up throwing a wrench in Veronica Hastings' (safely returned from being trapped in the basement, thank goodness) senatorial campaign. In fact, it's likely we'll even see Yvonne joining forces with Mona — after all, we know that Mona is working for Veronica's opposition; how much do you want to bet that opposition also happens to be Yvonne's mother? We may not know much about the new character yet, but I'm already on board for her joining forces with Mona.

The smaller details about Yvonne are still fuzzy, but two things remain abundantly clear: Rosewood (or rather, the state of Pennsylvania) is headed for quite the messy senator's race — and it's about to be heartbreak city for Spencer, Hanna, Toby, Caleb, and Yvonne.

Image: Eric McCandless/Freeform