Tar Pit Won't Be Stuck On 'The Flash'

The Flash is making some interesting choices with the introduction of Hunter Zoloman as an alternative version of Jay Garrick, but the lesser villains and metahumans still fit a more traditional model. Who is Tar Pit on The Flash ? This DC comics character could make for a sticky situation — I can't help myself, sorry!

As I said, he's a metahuman, played by Canadian actor Marco Grazzini, who can turn himself into liquid asphalt — that's a specific, yet still dangerous power.

In the comics, Tar Pit's given name is Joseph Montoleone and he had some brother problems. His older sibling was a drug kingpin who tried to take Joey under his wing, but Joey ended up in jail. There, he discovered that he had the ability to project himself into inanimate objects — similar to how, say, Bran Stark can possess animals as a warg on Game of Thrones. One day, Joey object-warged into a pit of tar, and got stuck in that form. Not only that, but his physical body in prison fell into a coma. So poor Joey Montoleone was forced to roam the world as a walking, talking, vat of tar. He can set himself on fire, throw bits of himself at people, and is pretty difficult to destroy.

So the character is already changing a bit on his way from the page to the CW series. We'll have to wait and see how the show plans on incorporating the rest of his history. There aren't a lot of drug king pins on The Flash— that's more Arrow or even Gotham territory. This would be a change of pace, for sure.

Hmm, I wonder if Tar Pit has any connection to Wally West and his drag racing hobby? You have to drive cars on something, after all. At the very least, they could call on the speedster for his knowledge of the road in order to take him down. That's definitely one way to bring Wally back into Barry, Iris, and Joe's lives. Tar Pit may be a metahuman-of-the-week on The Flash, but it would be cool if his appearance had larger ramifications.