Jubilee Calls Ben Out On 'The Bachelor'

From the very beginning of the season, it's been obvious that Jubilee Sharpe isn't like the other Bachelor contestants, and this week's episode just sets her further apart — and for a totally admirable reason. On Monday night, Ben Higgins and his remaining women headed to Mexico City for the next leg of the competition, and once they were there, he had a very educational date planned. He and his group took Spanish classes and practiced their skills... and it was in the classroom that Jubilee called Ben out.

Each woman took a turn in conversation with Ben, responding when he fed them romantic phrases in Spanish like "will you marry me?" and "I love you." And, while most of Ben's dates totally swooned hearing these messages straight from his mouth, Jubilee wasn't impressed. When Ben told her (in Spanish, of course) that he's falling in love with her, she refused to play along, and responded, "You said that to the last four girls." She was joking, but in a way, she was serious. The other women dramatically gasped in shock when they heard her response, but if you ask me, it was kind of awesome that she was willing to bring that up.

One of the reasons I've liked Jubilee from the start is that she doesn't play the game in the way that everybody else does. She sends the message that Ben falling in love with her isn't going to make or break her, and it's easy to see she'd be just fine if she didn't get a rose. Maybe that's intimidating to the other women or it's not what's typically expected of a Bachelor contestant, but I love Jubilee's honesty. She's stayed true to herself through this entire process, and it's really refreshing to see.

If Ben's interested in her, he's going to have to work for her trust and her attention, and if he's not interested? He's really missing out. Jubilee is awesome, and I can't wait to hear her take on the competition as it continues.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC