Ben Higgins Could Break From Tradition On 'Bach'

I know that Chris Harrison is constantly saying that the next episode of The Bachelor is the “most dramatic” ever, but I really think that we could be hitting that pinnacle of drama pretty soon on Season 20. Ben Higgins may be very, very close to taking away a rose from contestant Olivia Caridi, which leads to an important question — has a Bachelor or Bachelorette ever taken away an already-given rose from someone on the show?

The background is this — Ben gave Olivia a rose on their group date because he felt like they had reconnected and everything was great between them. The only problem is that Olivia doesn't really get along with the other women in the house, and Ben is only now starting to get inklings of that in conversation. In true Bachelor fashion, he confronted Olivia at the end of the episode, leading to another (blech) to be continued episode (I hate it when that happens). And since no Bachelor or Bachelorette in the history of the show (I researched this — it’s really never happened before) has taken away a rose from a contestant, Ben would be the very first one if he decides to punish Olivia for being the house's mean girl this week. (That Teen Mom comment... just no.)

Will he take it away? I’m not sure. I don’t know if the producers would really allow it. Becca was right to say that Ben hasn’t followed virtually any of the Bachelor rules so far, so what’s to stop him from actually telling off Olivia? Even though she doesn’t have to get along with everyone in the house, she should at least be somewhat kind to the other women. I don’t think that Olivia means to be as clueless with her comments as she is, but if Ben takes her out of the running, it could inspire future generations of Bachelor contestants to watch what they say.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC