Kristen Stewart Is Against Washing Off Her Eye Makeup at Night


About those bad beauty habits I told you to break in 2014. While I still stand by all of them, I'll let the one about sleeping in your face slide, only because KStew rocks a great smoky eye and not washing off her makeup the night before is Kristen Stewart's secret.

The actress recently revealed in an telling interview with Into the Gloss that although she knows nothing about doing her own makeup, she has found a way to make her eyes look good:

I'm not sure that Stewart's optometrist would approve, but it seems to work for her. I'm also not sure that this works for everyone, because speaking from experience I look like a certifiable raccoon if I sleep with my eye makeup on.

When it comes to keeping the rest of her face clean, however, Stewart is really adamant about using Proactiv. Stewart isn't an official spokesperson, but swears by the brand:

As far as her hair goes, Stewart says she'd do something totally different if she wasn't an actress, but she still has big plans for her brunette locks:

Stewart may be a far cry from your average 23-year-old actress, but her confidence in her unique sense of style makes her that much more likable.