11 Awesome Tweets About 'The Bachelor' Week 5

The Bachelor Week 5 ended with a lot of emotions being felt... by the viewing audience watching. Between Olivia receiving the group date rose, Jubilee being sent home, and the episode ending not with a rose ceremony but with a cliffhanger, fans were foaming at the mouth as they dissected everything that they watched over the course of the two-hour episode. Thankfully, Twitter was there for them to release some of those emotions, and find other fans who shared their views — or, at least, found their views a little hilarious. As always, it was hard to narrow down the best tweets about The Bachelor Week 5, because, every week, people make observations about the progress of the show that range from funny to sad to sometimes offensive. But these 11 tweets will help you process all of the emotions that you ended up feeling after the gut punches of Monday night's episode. (Seriously, Ben, you gave Olivia the group date rose?)

No matter which of the women you are rooting for, and no matter how you feel about Ben as a the Bachelor, the fact of the matter is that Season 20 is deeply entertaining. With so many weeks left to go before we find out exactly who Ben has chosen to be his future wife, let the Internet carry you through another seven days until we find out exactly what happens next.

1. The Real Reason We All Want To Date Ben

Oh, and he seems like a nice guy, too. I guess.

2. This Was Just Offensive, Ben Higgins

I don't care where you're taking me. I don't get out of bed before the sun rises, thanks.

3. This Excellent She's The Man Reference

Someone had to say it.

4. Priorities

Yeah, guys, do you realize how much that food costs?

5. Casual Night Time Thoughts

I couldn't have said it better myself.

6. Olivia Might Have Superhuman Hearing

This might explain how she's so good at interpreting Ben's silent cues that they're meant to be together forever and ever and ever.

7. Editing Tips

It might even be 1/4th as long, actually...

8. This Is A Crushing Time In Anyone's Life

What Ben really needs is a big hug.

9. The Most Important Thing About Monday Night

Who cares who will one day run the country when Ben could be ruining his life right now?

10. In Which Ben Makes No Sense

At least, he's pretty.

11. But, Above All...

Yeah, that's a real thing.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to need the next seven days to process everything that happened in Week 5. But luckily I've got these tweets to make me smile when I feel like sobbing.

Image: ABC