These Tweets Perfectly Describe Your 'Bach' Feels

The Bachelor isn't just a show; it's an experience. And it's an experience in which many people across the world participate. No, not by getting on the show themselves. That's what live tweeting is for, you guys. As soon as The Bachelor airs, fans — be they normal people or celebrity fans — hop onto their Twitter accounts to start tweeting their observations of the show. Sometimes those tweets are wildly offensive. Sometimes those tweets are wildly sexist. Sometimes those tweets feature inappropriate language. And sometimes these tweets are genuinely hilarious, and enhance your viewing experience. You might have been too busy watching The Bachelor Season 20, Week 2 to be on Twitter on Monday night, but that's where I come in. The best tweets about The Bachelor will help you relive every magic moment, and see the humor in all of them.

Monday night's episode was a particularly wild one, with dates that included a trip back to high school or being third wheeled by Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. (You know, just like normal dates.) The episode also featured Lace and Olivia getting particularly aggressive in their pursuit of Ben, because they're not here to make friends; they're here to win. This and more was observed upon by the Bachelor Nation on Twitter Monday night, and I've collected 11 of the best tweets below.

1. That Jerk

That's it. Everyone on The Bachelor needs to run away from this monster right now, before they're married into a life of pulp forever.

2. We're Onto You, Ben Higgins


3. I Mean, Obviously

And if you don't have a thousand pictures of your pets on you right now, we can't be friends anymore.

4. Now This Would Be An Exciting Show

Just when you thought the rose ceremony couldn't get any better, it does.

5. OK, Ben, OK

Seriously, though.

6. Think Of The Kids

Because, at the end of the day, Ben is really here to find a woman whose nose can marry his nose.

7. Ben's Date Ideas Are Weird

I'm pretty sure I had a nightmare like that once.

8. He Just Seems Like That Kind Of Guy

All the more reason to marry him, honestly.

9. You Should Get One Anyway

Because cats are awesome, OK?

10. Hey, It's A Full Time Lifetime Job

And they do it without pay, like the angels that they are.

11. Truth

This is all of us right now, and part of an amazingly perfect meme.

See? If you're not watching The Bachelor with Twitter, then you are really missing out on even more entertainment. Food for thought.

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Image: ABC/Rick Rowell