You Totally Know The Guy From The Shock Top Ad

TJ Miller goes tit for tat with a talking orange head in Shock Top's Super Bowl commercial, and if that sounds both weird and hilarious, that's because it is. The insults between Shock Top's anthropomorphized, sunglass wearing, Mohawk sporting, slice, and Miller start off mild ("You look like you're about to get evicted from your parent's basement," the orange says) and build into some more detailed verbal jabs. Hands down the best part of the sparring happens when the orange says, "Hey! I got a movie idea for you. This loser walks into a bar. It's called 'right now.'" BOOM. Mic drop. Even Miller retorts, "touche" (but then quickly retracts, or is it "touch?"). The witticism between Miller and this piece of citrus is entertaining to watch, and it's a solid Super Bowl spot. But after you collect yourself from laughing at the banter, you might be wondering: Who is the guy in this Shock Top commercial? And why, oh why, does he look so familiar?

Well, it's TJ Miller, guys. And he looks so familiar, because well, he's been popping up in some of your favorite films and commercials for quite some time. Currently, he plays Erlich Bachman in the HBO sitcom Silicon Valley, and he's about to star as Weasel in Marvel's upcoming Deadpool. But the actor and comedian has a lot of work under his belt. You might recognize him from one (or more) of the following things.


Though Miller was only onscreen for a brief period of time during this found footage film, his voice was in pretty much every scene. Why? He was the guy holding the camera.

She's Out Of My League

Playing the friend, coworker, and confidant of the film's lead, Miller provided some hilarious comic relief.

How To Train Your Dragon

Miller voiced the character Tuffnut.

Get Him To The Greek

He had a small role in 2010's, Get Him To The Greek, as Brian, the concierge.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

The actor was in Michael Bay's most recent rendition of the Transformers series, alongside Marky Mark, Wahlberg.

Big Hero 6

Miller was the voice of Fred in the CGI film, Big Hero 6.

Lazy Phone Commercials

Remember this series of Moto X ads? Yup, that's Miller right there. Playing the part of "lazy phone."

Mucinex Commercials

That's right. TJ Miller is the talking ball of mucus.

See? You totally know who TJ Miller is.