This Is Where To Buy The New Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

by Rosie W.

It's here. Well, almost. The new red Kylie Jenner Lip Kit is bound to go on sale soon, and if this shade sells like the last generation of lip kits, getting a hold of it is going to be a doozy. So ready your debit card and keep your eye on Jenner's Instagram, because once King Kylie announces the lip kits are on sale, you're going to be fighting with half the Internet (and me) to get one.

If you've got a hot date with someone special — like by yourself with a cat and a bottle of wine — this Valentine's, I've got good news: this generation of Kylie's Lip Kits was developed just for the day of chocolate and flowers. That explains the departure from the aggressively neutral (but still gorgeous) shades from the first collection. So far, Jenner has revealed two of the three upcoming shades: "Posie K", a bright but not hot pink shade with a crowdsourced name; and the as of yet unnamed cherry shade that is so perfect for Valentine's Day. I vote we christen it "Scarlet K," because the puntential for Scarlet Letter jokes is too much to pass up.

At this point, Kylie Lip Kits are only sold online, though hopefully brick-and-mortar locations will pick up future releases. Although the second collection of Lip Kits haven't officially gone on sale (yet), I'm betting that they'll only be available on the Lip Kit By Kylie website. Yup, it looks like until Jenner pairs up with Ulta or Sephora, we're stuck paying for shipping.

Jenner is a social media queen, so let's take a look at what she's posted about the new collection so far.

1. The Red Shade Is Gorgeous

I will admit, crashing the Lip Kit website will totally be worth it for this shade of red.

2. She's Not Afraid of Matching

Though of course donning a matching PVC tube top is optional.

3. She Knows How to Build Hype

Jenner carefully times the release of each new shade. Until she's ready for the reveal, she teases with black and white snaps.

4. She's Into Crowdsourcing

The makeup mogul's fans deemed this shade "Posie K".

5. Jenner Made A Few Tubes Herself

Jenner has posted several snaps of her helping with Lip Kit production.

6. It Takes Only Seconds To Assemble A Lip Kit

Yep, that's twenty dollars worth of product dispensed in less than a second.

7. Really, It's That Fast

And with the twist of a cap, a tube of Kylie's liquid lipstick is born.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (5), Lip Kit By Kylie/Instagram (2)