Too Faced PB&J Eyeshadow Palette Is Almost Here!

Get ready to relive the good 'ole days, because Too Faced's Peanut Butter and Jelly eyeshadow palette is almost here. Featuring not only colors, but smells of everyone's favorite foody combo, you can consider this your childhood in one trendy palette. You can't get this delicious little treat at the cafeteria, though; you'll need to head to the beauty girl's playground to shop the PB&J palette.

Too Faced has tons of chocolatey smelling palettes, and now they're stepping up their game with a few more flavors. The nine eyeshadow palette has colors all centered around the classic sandwich, but with a twist. Not only will there be nutty and jelly-like notes in each shade, but there will cocoa undertones as well — YUM! You can shop the PB&J palette on Too Faced's website on February 28th, but you can also find the $36 palette at Ulta, according to Allure, if you're looking to see it in person before you buy.

According to the Too Faced site, the palette was created all around the shade Peanut Butter, which is a best-seller in the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Collection. It's surrounded by rich, sparkly neutrals like Peanut Brittle, Peanut Butter Cup and soft matte neutrals like Spread The Joy and Extra Creamy.

There are more nutty flavors than there are jelly-ish hues, but Jelly and Jammin' are the perfect pop of color to the cocoa-smelling palette. The site recommends adding some Jelly to the inside corners of your eyes for an unexpected twist to the neutrals. Along with the nine hues, Too Faced will offer a three look, signature Glamour Guide to get the PB&J fun started. Who knew the classic sandwich could be so fun to wear?

If this up-close look of Spread The Love is just like the rest of the shades, then you can bet there will be a creamy, satin-like finish. Too Faced is know for their chocolate palettes that have actual cocoa powder inside, so it's nice to see them breaking out some new recipes.

The adorable packaging also doesn't hurt. The tin box bring back the days of carrying lunch boxes to school, but with a trendy new twist.

Images: Too Faced (3)