How Many Men Expect To Hook Up On The First Date?

by Bobby Box

In my opinion, most men are falsely accused of being sexual deviants. By this, I mean that not all men date women with the purpose of bettering their odds at potential sex; particularly, sex on the first date. Believe it or not, some guys do genuinely enjoy the company of another person for reasons beyond sex. That being said, there are men who sully this perception by doing things that make what I’ve just said completely unreliable.

But according to’s Singles in America survey – coined “the most comprehensive national study of singles’ dating habits, sexual practices and lifestyles to date” – of over 5,500 singles, we now have our answer to what people are hoping for on the very first date.

Spearheaded by Dr. Helen Fisher, a world-renowned biological anthropologist and Senior Researcher at The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, Bloomington, the Singles in America survey is arguably the most valuable authority on singledom that’s ever been released. From who expects to have sex on the first date to how many singles are think a kiss is necessary at the end of a good date, here are some of the first date expectations from the study.

1. Few Men Expect Sex On The First Date

While "expecting" sex is never a good way to go into a date, according to Match's findings, there's only a small percentage of daters who do that — six percent of men expect to have sex on the first date and 1 percent of women. When (or if) you do have sex, the survey revealed men are 236 percent more likely to be “totally drunk” for the first hook up – which is quite revealing about a man’s confidence regarding sexuality. A possible side-effect of this indulgence: a mere three percent of men never orgasm from sex.

2. Here's Who Expects Sex On The First Date The Most

Compared to Clinton supporters, Trump supporters were 1,104 percent more likely to expect sex on the first date. What on earth?

3. A Good Date Ends With A Kiss

50 percent of singles, male and female, think a “good” date should end with a peck on the lips. If the date’s gone very well, take things even further. Seven percent of women said they want to makeout at the end of a first date. So you do you!

4. If Sex Does Happen, Here’s What Men Are More Likely To Do

If you two really hit it off on a first date, sex can happen, and Match has covered some very interesting perversions concerning all of us, sex-havers. For instance, men are 165 percent more likely than women to film sex.

5. What Women Are More Likely To Do In Bed

Women, on the other hand, are 118 percent more likely to have a one-night stand on vacation and 53 percent more likely to have a threesome.

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