The Heinz Super Bowl Commercial Is Too Adorable

Regardless of how you feel about ketchup and other ketchup-related condiments, I'm willing to bet there is a pretty huge chance you love puppies — especially when there are dozens of them at once dressed up in adorable costumes frolicking through a sunny field and into their owners' arms. That's the premise behind the 2016 Heinz Ketchup Super Bowl commercial, and even if you don't plan on parking yourself on the couch for the Big Game, this 30-second segment of cuteness will make you want to tune in for at least a little bit. It's set to air sometime during the third quarter on Super Bowl Sunday, and it's just so freaking adorable you won't be able to help yourself from cheering like a freaking maniac. Gooooo puppiesssss!!

And, we're not just talking about any puppies. We are talking about a whole brigade of sweet, sweet Dachshunds wearing hot dog costumes running together through a picturesque meadow. What starts off as just one weiner pup joyously leaping in the grass quickly turns into an entire weiner stampede as dozens and dozens of dogs hurdling along on their tiny legs run to reunite with their owners, who just so happen to be a family of human-sized bottles of Heinz condiments, ranging from Heinz Sriracha Ketchup to your classic yellow mustard. You kind of just have to see it for yourself:

The ad marks the launch of Heinz' "Meet The Ketchups" campaign, which introduces consumers to the full lineup of current Heinz products. Of course, if you have any normal-size bottles hanging out in your fridge, you might as well put them to use. Mini hot dogs may not be as cute as, say, mini dogs dressed up as hot dogs, but they're still delicious, and if you're looking for something to keep your interest into the fourth quarter, it doesn't get better than Super Bowl snacks. And good news! Heinz can help you out on that front, too.

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Images: Heinz/YouTube