Here's Why You Can't Buy Snapchat Lenses Anymore

by Megan Grant

We all shed a tear last month when Snapchat announced that they were closing the Lens Store on Jan. 18, which is why you can no longer buy Snapchat Faces. (Now what are we going to do for fun, read a book or something?) But while the Lens Store was notable for allowing you to buy your favorite lenses and hang on to them forever, the good news is that it looks like Snapchat has returned to something similar to the lenses' original model: Despite the absence of the store, new lenses will still come and go, free for your personal use. Also, you've probably noticed by now that even though the store is gone, you still have access to any lenses that you previously purchased. Snapchat pinky-promised eternal access to purchased lenses, and they stayed true to their word. It's all a relief to selfie fanatics everywhere, because we've all had good times with heart eyes, rainbow puke, and that terrifying demonic face that still haunts my dreams.

But if you're finding yourself particularly distressed over the closing of the Lens Store (no shame in that), don't forget that there are plenty of other apps out there that do funny things with your face. I spent the last hour digging through the app store, wanting to see how weird it gets. Here's what I've got so far:

1. Face Swap Live

This app has a couple different purposes. Its main focus (as implied by the name) is to swap your face with that of the person next to you. However, my favorite part is how it lets you add weird masks to your own picture. For instance, the above photo is me with what I call the Constipated Baby Face. You can also see yourself as a pumpkin, dog, old person, and more!

2. ZombieBooth 2

Here's me the first day of my period. Just kidding. I was actually really surprised with the attention to detail that ZombieBooth 2 offers, as well as how well the filter thingy lines up with your face. This one's legit. I mean, look at how sexy I am.

3. AgingBooth

AgingBooth mildly horrified every fiber of my being by showing me what I'm going to look like 32 years. It seriously looks like someone let the air out of my face.

4. Corpse Cam Photo Editor Booth

I've always wondered what I would look like with a septum piercing. Corpse Cam offers a variety of freaky masks perfect for anyone looking to have a scary good time. It's not quite as advanced as the other apps, but I'm a horror movie nut, so it's right up my alley.

5. Animal Face

I sometimes got called a cow growing up, so this app touched a special place in my heart. Other animals include deer, birds, bears, and panthers. Upgrade for even more options! Moo.

See, selfie lovers? You may not be able to buy Snapchat faces anymore, but there are plenty of fun options out there.

Images: Megan Grant/Bustle (5)