How To Use Face Swap Live

by Megan Grant

For everyone looking for something fun to do while they're sitting on the toilet, Face Swap Live has come to the rescue. If you're wondering how to use Face Swap Live... well, let's just say you're not the only one. The app allows you to take a photo with a buddy and exchange faces, but the potential for it is endless: You can also take a picture of yourself and magically turn into, say, your favorite celeb, or a dog, or anything else with a face, changing the game of taking selfies. Using the app might not come naturally in the beginning; I spent the first 10 minutes taking blurry pictures of myself and shouting obscenities. But once I figured it out, I had a ball, and I made sure to politely wake my boyfriend up so that I could take awkward photos of him, too.

These days, there's an app for everything. We have apps that stop you from texting your ex; we have an app that gives you 3D manicures (YES); we even have an app that turns your words into emojis, because why not? It only makes sense that there's an app where you can not only swap faces with a pal, but turn yourself into some interesting characters, too. If your boss is gone from the office and you hate your job, spend a dollar instead and have some fun with Face Swap Live. You won't regret it.

Here's how you do it, with handy dandy pictures. You're welcome.

Before the Swapping of the Faces...

You can actually have all sorts of fun playing with this on your own. When you first open the app, it'll prompt you to make a choice. Obvi, I started with "Use Photo." How could I resist a mug like that?

"How bad can it be?" I thought. I'm an OK-looking human being.

Yeah. No. I had no idea what was coming.

The How-To

Make sure "Faces" (bottom right) and "Photo" (top middle) are both selected. Choose the face you want to become, and get ready for action. The app will tell you to move yourself into position and voila — your new face will appear. Click the camera button to snap your photo.

TIP: Hold the camera steady until the photo is done saving, or it will come out blurry.

Here's me looking sexy as hell as Marilyn Monroe. Happy Birthday... Mr. President...

Speaking of Mr. President, here's me getting my sexism on as Donald Trump. You're fired!

To be fair, here's me looking equally as bizarre pretending to be Hillary Clinton.

You probably noticed that next to "Photo" is a "Mask" option. Instead of inserting your face into someone else's picture, "Mask" takes their features and imposes them onto your own. That's how you get... the baby face. BOOM.

The pumpkin face. BOOM.

The precious little puppy face. BAM.

And last, but certainly not least... the old face...

If this is what I'm going to look like when I'm old, just push me off a mountain now, please.

Trading Places

There's obviously the second option to swap faces with someone next to you. Click "Swap" in the bottom right corner (next to "Faces"), and stand next to your friend. Once the app and camera adjust, you'll see that your faces have switched spots. It's mildly horrifying.

Like, I'm probably not going to sleep tonight.

I think I actually had more fun in the beginning with all the mask and character options. The app is a bit touchy and takes a little finesse; but with practice, even you can look like this.

Images: Megan Grant/Bustle (13)