How To Boost Your Odds At A Second Date

The intent of a first date is for said date to go so well that you get a second one. But since there is no algorithm in how to get second date, you just have to trust the words of those who have been there. Conveniently enough, recently released the results of their annual Singles in America survey and the results are, as they usually happen to be, surprising.

This year, the survey, which was commissioned in association with renowned biological anthropologist and Match’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Helen Fisher, pulled from a representative sample of 5,504 U.S. singles. The survey dedicated entire sections to important topics, like what makes a good first date, how politics affect singles and dating, and even the effects and popularity of online dating.

According to this year’s survey, 33 percent of singles met their last first date through online dating, while 26 percent met theirs through a friend. Another interesting stat that was that online daters are 93 percent more likely to want to get married and are 78 percent more likely to get a second date. So if a second date is what you seek, begin your quest for love online and take a look at these other tips gleaned from Match’s survey.

1. Certain Foods Increase Your Odds Of A Second Date

Match’s research found that the best first date spot to ensure a second is none other than grabbing a good plate of sushi. Not a fan of fish? No problem. Your second best shot, according to respondents, is to hit up an expensive restaurant, which is disappointingly shallow.

2. Good Drinks Also Help

Having drinks with dinner boosts the odds of a second date by a significant 137 percent. If you choose to do drinks after dinner instead, you still increase your chances, but much less so, at 59 percent.

3. What To Talk About

Despite experts telling us these are the quintessential taboo first date topics, politics, money, and religion are considered “fair game” for 80 percent of singles. This is a certifiable sign that today’s singles want to cut to the chase and get these opinions out of the way in the beginning; today's singles aren’t keen on wasting time. Not as surprising, however, only 14 percent of singles want to talk about their ex.

4. The Best Time For A First Date

When you do secure a date, opt for an evening dalliance, as 66 percent of singles prefer their dates around the time the sun sets. Conversely, only 22 percent of singles prefer an afternoon date, and one can only assume even less want their dates to happen in the morning.

As for which day you should head out together, respondents prefer their dates on Saturday night while 34 percent prefer Friday night.

5. What NOT To Do If You Want A Second Date

Support Trump. 36 percent of women said they would “ghost” any supporter of The Donald.

6. Post-Date Expectations

The end of the date is arguably the most awkward. You don’t know if you two should kiss, and, on top of that, you don’t know who should even initiate this kiss. According to today’s singles, 50 percent think a “good” first date should end with a kiss. However, seven percent of women want to go as far as make out.

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