Goop Says Chris Martin Is Like A "Brother"

Believe it or not, there are some celebrity couples who remain friendly after splitting. As you might know, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are still friends after announcing their "conscious uncoupling" in 2014. Actually, they're probably the closest not-yet-divorced Hollywood couple that I've ever seen. Well, if you've think anything's changed between them, you're wrong. According to an interview with Glamour magazine, Gwyneth Paltrow sees Chris Martin as her "brother". That's her description, not mine.

After being asked about how their family situation is nowadays, the Goop founder said,

We spend a lot of time together. He's been away for two weeks [promoting his album]. Last night he got in at midnight and slept here so he could surprise the kids in the morning, we could all have breakfast, and he could take them to school. So… we're not living together, but he's more than welcome to be with us whenever he wants. And vice versa: I sleep in his house in Malibu a lot with the kids. We'll have a weekend all together; holidays, we're together. We're still very much a family, even though we don't have a romantic relationship. He's like my brother.

There you have it. Apparently, Paltrow now sees her former husband as somewhat of a sibling. The way she explains their relationship might sound strange, but ever since going their separate ways, both the actor and Coldplay frontman have had quite the unconventional relationship.

As she discussed with Glamour, Paltrow even sings backup on Coldplay's latest album, A Head Full of Dreams. As she put it, "I'm just singing a bit of harmony. It's not like it's a duet." If that's not enough, she even inspired some lyrics for "Everglow", which are as follows: "How come things move on? How come cars don't slow?" The lyrics are representative of the difficulty that came for Paltrow when her father, Bruce Paltrow, died in 2002. "I wouldn't say I wrote the lyrics," she explained. "I would say that concept inspired Chris. Then he said, 'Will you come and sing?' So I went."

It really shouldn't come as a shock that Paltrow views Martin as her "brother", because they do everything together as a family, minus the romance factor.

From continuing to vacation as a family to spending Valentine's Day together to talking highly of one another, they definitely have a non-traditional post-marriage partnership. Say what you want, but how can you not admire them for staying civil and genuinely caring for each other? Plus, I'm sure their kids also appreciate it. So, if Paltrow wants to call Martin her "brother," big deal.

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