Lady Gaga Slays The National Anthem At Super Bowl

Despite not being selected as the star of the halftime show, Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl Sunday. So, how did she do? Well, she totally slayed it. Did anyone really expect anything less? This isn't the first time the American Horror Story star has belted out the patriotic song, so, she's clearly had lots of practice. Actually, she sang it at the 2013 NYC Gay Pride rally and killed it.

She took her performance to a new level, and not just with her vocals. Basically, Lady Gaga was a patriotic goddess in her red glitter suit, striped platforms, bright red sparkly eyeshadow, and those electric blue nails. There's no doubt she was born to not only be a singer, but also show love to America through song.

It's obvious why she was chosen. Not only does she have a ton of fans, who probably are helping boost the ratings of the biggest NFL game of the year, but she is also beyond talented. Plus, Lady Gaga has become an even bigger star as of late. From winning a Golden Globe for American Horror Story: Hotel to being nominated for a 2016 Oscar for Original Song for "Til It Happens To You" from The Hunting Ground, she's been even more successful than ever. I mean, why wouldn't she be selected to sing the National Anthem?

If you missed it, you can watch her performance below. However, if you threw a Super Bowl 50 party purely for Lady Gaga's appearance (hey, not everyone is a lover of football or Coldplay), then feel free to watch it on repeat — in between the new commercials, that is.