Jenna Dewan-Tatum Might Save 'The Mindy Project'

Exciting news if your Channing Tatum's wife right now. Jenna Dewan-Tatum is going to be on The Mindy Project when the FOX show returns on April 1. Which might as well be never, honestly. How am I supposed to forge on through this bleak winter without seeing Chris Messina dance on screen and make gingerbread houses?

Dewan-Tatum is set to play a medical rep that had a romantic past with Danny Castellano. Was this before or after he was married to Chloe Sevigny? Of course this might throw a wrench in the budding romance that might or might not happen between Mindy and Danny, and I hate to be contro here, but I really hope it does.

As much as I was into Danny Castellano kissing Mindy Lahiri at a beverage stand on an airplane, I feel like The Mindy Project is in danger of jumping the shark if they let the romance between Danny and Mindy play out. I do appreciate how close they are as friends and colleagues and it was wonderful that Mindy was there for Danny in such a vulnerable moment when he went to see his father in the desert, but look what happened to Nick and Jess on New Girl! They're so boring that The Artist Formerly Known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince requested to come on the show to help them with their problems. (Not that I am ever mad about this — honestly, I'm just delighted that Prince knows how to make a call from a cellular telephone).

I am excited to see more of Danny's romantic past that might explain his emotional idiocy, and I hope that Danny and Mindy doesn't become a Thing yet. She literally just tried to get back together with Cliff (Glenn Howerton) who I now feel even worse for. He's becoming a sad pup on this show.

However, as Kaling herself said in an interview with E! Online on whether or not she thinks Mindy and Danny would be good together: "Oh, I think they're a terrible fit. If these characters were to ever end up getting married, I think they'd at least suggest living married in two separate apartments."

So maybe the kiss doesn't necessarily mean that they'll end up together. She also said that Chris Messina's lips are "soft little pillow-magnets," which is exactly what I'd hoped for all along, and that there will be an episode about a sex tape with Bill Hader called "Indian BBW," so I'm still here for Mindy. Just, here's hoping Dewan-Tatum's character drives Mindy and Danny apart.