LuAnn's Changed Since Her First Episode Of 'RHONY'

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps has been on Real Housewives of New York City from the very beginning. This means that loyal viewers have been watching her life play out on television for seven seasons (six as a regular and one as a "friend"). And, wow, a lot has happened over the years when it comes to the Countess! It's almost like we are watching a different person on television now. LuAnn has changed a lot from her first Real Housewives of New York City episode to today. She has really been through so much. I have always Stanned for LuAnn, but I like her these days more than ever.

The reality star went from being the super refined Countess focused on the pomp and circumstance of life to this free-spirited lady who does whatever the hell she wants. The one aspect that has not wavered is LuAnn's effort to carry herself with dignity and class. Just when I think I can't love LuAnn anymore, she shoots out another iconic one-liner and I fall back in love with her all over again.

Yes, she's been through plenty of changes throughout the years, but one thing is for sure: She has never been "uncool."

She Was Married, Now She's A Single Lady

When we first met LuAnn, she was all about her life as the wife of a Count. It came up in pretty much every conversation and it took over her whole persona. Now, she's a single lady out on the prowl. Cougar LuAnn is everything to me. You never know who she's going to get with and I'm all about it.

She Became A Singer

It seemed like a total leap for the prim and proper Countess to be a dance singer, but LuAnn pulls it off well. The Countess has had several songs that are honestly super catchy. She doesn't take herself too seriously with the singing and she really kills it.

She Started Running Her Own Businesses

The mother of two seemed pretty content with her role as a wife and parent in the beginning of RHONY, but now she's added a million other things to the mix. She sells clothing, necklaces, music, vodka, and I'm sure she's adding more products to her empire as I type this.

She Became More Quotable

LuAnn has always had some good one-liners. I mean, who can forget about her referring to Alex McCord's Herman Munster shoes? Iconic. But now she is always bringing the laughs.

She Stopped Being Afraid To Make Mistakes

The 50-year-old Bravolebrity has always been about etiquette and that's great, but now she's not afraid to let loose while still keeping it classy. She just lives for herself these days. She doesn't care what the haters say because she just wants to have fun.

She's More Unpredictable

LuAnn used to be super focused on being refined and keeping herself together, but now she just does whatever she wants. As soon as you think you know LuAnn, she does or says something unexpected. She has really evolved.

Countess LuAnn has grown so much over the past seven seasons, and I can't wait to see what she will bring to RHONY's next season. I have no idea how she can be more entertaining than she already is, but LuAnn can pull off anything.

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