'Idiotsitter' Stars Jillian Bell & Charlotte Newhouse Explain What Women Want — VIDEO

We've all heard it a thousand times: when looking for a man, women want a few big things: sex, love, money, confidence, and really good looks. Yet while those traits might be crucial for some, other women might argue that there are a few big things missing from that list. A knowledge of feminism and Tina Fey's best works, perhaps. A love of pizza and champagne, for another. Basically, it comes down to guys understanding what women really want, and as Idiotsitter stars Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse explain in the below video, that goes far beyond looking nice and bringing home roses.

Although those things don't hurt, of course. Yet as Bell and Newhouse discover, it's a rare man who can embody every quality that women really crave. The only ones up for the challenge? Guys like the Manservants, a group of well-dressed, super polite, and highly attentive men whose sole goals are to make their female clients as happy and well-cared for as possible (keeping it PG-rated, of course). The company, which employs men in California and New York, sent over two guys recently to cater to Bell and Newhouse's every need and desire, from providing undivided attention to reading feminist wisdom from Bossypants out loud in sexy voices. Basically, they set the standards for #relationshipgoals very, very high.


And with Bell and Newhouse, the lead actors and creators of Comedy Central's new show Idiotsitter, as their clients for the day, the Manservants certainly had their work cut out for them. As you can see below, the two women demand a lot from them — but all in the name of good fun (and to rep the real wants of women everywhere). Hopefully, any man watching will learn a lot about what women actually desire — and anyone who dates Bell will know not to bring strawberries anywhere near her.


Check out the video below, and check out Idiotsitter Thursdays at 10:30 on Comedy Central.

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