7 Items Of Clothing To Never Wear While Exercising

When it comes to working out, choosing what to wear isn't always a priority. However, it needs to be. In fact, there are several clothing choices that could be ruining your workout. It's true; from restrictive clothing to flashy accessories, there are tons of ways that you could be sabotaging your own workout routine. And who needs that? Working out is hard enough without having to deal with hindering outfit choices. Get your best workout yet by knowing exactly what not to wear to the gym.

As a woman, I totally know the struggle of wearing terrible fashion choices to the gym. No one wants to be self-conscious while running on an elliptical or crushing the squat rack. It can be so distracting. Whether it was baggy yoga pants or a slightly too revealing tank top, I think we all can agree how bothersome traditional workout clothing can be. While it may be "stylish," it isn't always functional. Or vice versa. It's time to take control over our workouts by ensuring that we won't be worrying about clothing. For your best workout, choose clothes that not only work for you, but work for your fitness goals as well. Wondering what not to wear to the gym? Here are seven items that you definitely shouldn't be wearing when you workout.

1. Unsupportive Sports Bras

Sports Bra, $45,

It's time to ditch your high school sports bras in favor of something a bit more supportive, like the option above. Now, this doesn't mean reaching for bras with padding or underwire. This simply means to choose a bra that the right fit. Loose or ill-fitting sports bras can leave your chest feeling sore, no matter what size breasts you have, according to Julie Igarashi, Vice President of Global Design for Nike Women’s Training.“The majority of women are wearing the wrong-sized bra. This is something we needed to fix." Igarashi stated. Give your girls the support they need by wearing properly fitted bra. It's the best way to ensure that your mind stays focused on your workout and not any unnecessary aches or pains.

2. 100 Percent Cotton T-Shirts

Top, $58,

While cotton may seem like a comfortable option, it tends to absorb sweat and oils, according to USA Today. Opt This can lead to body breakouts and clogged pores. Who needs that? Switch your workout gear to more sweat-friendly options in order to prevent irritated skin, like tops that wick away moisture (see above).

3. Jewelry

According to Women's Health, leave your jewelry in the locker room. While it may look stylish, it can be potential hazardous. Earrings can get caught in your hair, bracelets can be snagged on a workout machine, and rings can be stuck on swollen fingers. Do yourself a favor, and ditch the jewelry during your next workout.

4. Unfitted Clothing

Pants, $98,

When it comes to getting dressed for the gym, try to avoid clothing that is too loose or too tight. If it's too loose, it can be snagged on exercise equipment or potentially fall down, which could mean embarrassment or a serious injury — something to really be wary of. If it's too tight, it can prevent you from properly moving during your workout. That can seriously affect your range of motion. Don't let your clothing stand in the way of a proper workout and opt for stretchy, comfortable pieces like the leggings above.

5. Thongs

Underwear, $12,

Sure, thongs can be seamless under most clothing. However, they can also cause irritation and possible infection during a workout, according to Ditch your thongs in favor of my comfortable panties that wick away sweat, like the above option from Under Armour.

6. Headbands/Bandanas


Nothing is worse than your hair falling in your face during an intense workout, but that doesn't mean you to wear a headband or bandana either. These hair accessories may be great at keeping hair in it's place, but it also can trap sweat and bacteria. In order to avoid breakouts, stick to a traditional ponytail or top knot during your next workout.

7. Really Old Sneakers

Sneakers, $125,

If your sneakers have seen better days, it may be time to invest in a new pair like the bright Nikes above. Old, worn out sneakers can cause shin splints, runners knee, or other foot pain, according to Avoid injuries by trading to your much loved shoes for a newer pair.

Working out is tough enough. Don't let your clothing choices stand in the way, while you're kicking butt at the gym.

Images: Pexels (1); Pixabay (3)