'The OC's Cohens Are #RelationshipGoals

by Kaitlin Reilly

Teen dramas are filled with romance — it's the lifeblood of a show about young people overwhelmed with so. Many. Feelings. The O.C. is no exception: the rich Cali kids series thrived on love triangles, upside down kisses, and swoon-worthy confessions of love. Whether you secretly ached for a love story as adorable as Seth and Summer's, or yearned for romantic tension as palpable as Ryan and Marissa's, The O.C. was filled with relationship goals that few real life couples could meet. (Don't worry, we all can't have infinity pools, either.) But while the teenagers were getting the most snaps for their romancing, the high schoolers were hardly the ones whose relationships we should have been envying. When it comes to true love, there was so couple who embodied it better than Sandy and Kirsten Cohen — and whether Valentine's Day is right around the corner or it's just an average Tuesday, it's high time that we celebrated their love properly.

Sandy and Kirsten weren't all that different from Seth and Summer or Ryan and Marissa. They were from totally different worlds and pretty much only had their love for one another in common. Still, while the teens sometimes messed up romantically, Sandy and Kirsten were overall able to stay solid and strong.

1. They Have Different Interests But Still Are Crazy About Each Other

Sandy and Kirsten actually met because they were on opposite sides of the political spectrum — Sandy wanted to convince the Republicans to vote Democrat in the election of '84. They could have vetoed the other due to their difference in political opinion, but instead they used their differences as first date banter.

2. They're Goofy With One Another

Just because they're parents with high-powered jobs doesn't mean that they can't occasionally shoot an arrow in their spouse's face, you know?

3. They Have The Best Talks

Truthfully, Sandy is just kind of the best talker ever, but this couple is constantly cozying up for some state of the union chats.

4. They Lean On Each Other

Literally, sure, but also figuratively. Kirsten would have never gone to rehab without the support of her husband. Sandy would have never taken up arms against Kirsten's father's corporation if his wife didn't have his back.

5. They Have The Best Kisses

I mean, where do you think Seth learned it from?

6. They Know How To Work Things Out When They Fight

Sandy and Kirsten's relationship wasn't without its own share of drama. Exes who still held a flame and newcomers who vied for their hearts drove a wedge between this married couple, but never even got close to breaking them up. Though they both made mistakes, Sandy and Kirsten never forgot what was most important: one another.

7. They're Not Afraid To Apologize When They Mess Up

They also know the importance of forgiving each other when one comes to them with a genuine "I'm sorry." Take notes, world.

8. They're A Fantastic Parenting Team

Seth and Ryan know that they can talk to Sandy and Kirsten about anything and that they'll be on the same page with one another. That's saying a lot for Newport, considering that pretty much every other parenting dynamic is hellish. (Hi, Julia Cooper + literally any man she brings home.)

9. They're Still Crazy About One Another

Even after 20 years together, these two are still making out like teenagers. Here's hoping that Seth and Summer take note and stick it out for the long haul — they have a seriously awesome marriage to live up to.

However you're celebrating Valentine's Day with this year, I hope it's with someone who looks at you the way Sandy looks at Kirsten.

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