Every Hot & Cold Marissa & Ryan Moment, Charted

by Kaitlin Reilly

There are definitely parts about growing up in Newport Beach that I would love, like having more money than a Kardashian, an infinity pool in my backyard, and access to some of the best burritos in the country. One thing that I wouldn't like so much is the fact that any romantic relationship that takes place in Newport is automatically out of the running for most dramatic relationship on the planet: Nothing could compare to Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood's love. The O.C. couple were super into one another, but the one thing that their relationship had in spades was SO. MUCH. DRAMA. Sure, we loved it as viewers (no one wants to watch two teenagers have pleasant conversation and watch Netflix), but I can't help but think that Ryan and Marissa were probably exhausted by all of their ups and downs. They went through a lot, you guys!

That doesn't mean that there weren't good times for this couple. As in real life, sometimes, their good times were peppered with plenty of, well, terrible times. Fans may have loved Ryan and Marissa as a couple, but, if they were your OTP, you knew you were in for a long, hard road... which ultimately ended in the demise of one half of your ultimate 'ship. It's OK if you still need a box of Kleenex and several hours to recover when you remember the tragic end of this couple.

Here are the hottest and coldest moments of Marissa and Ryan's relationship, charted so you can relive it all faster than you say, "Welcome to The OC, b**ch":

Image: FOX; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle