'GG's Sookie Is So Relatable In Relationships

If you ask me on any day of the week, I will tell you that my favorite character on Gilmore Girls is Sookie St. James. Hands down, no questions asked. But, if you did ask me why, I would tell you it was because of her infectious energy, the way she can cycle between highs and lows at the drop of a hat, and the super sweet and realistic relationship she had with Jackson. Because the way that they pushed through their contentious start — the fights over produce that started the whole thing! — and wrestled with cohabitating after years of living alone, reminds me a lot of how long-term relationships really feel. And there were so many times when I identified with Sookie when I was in a relationship.

After all, it’s not all witty banter about books (Rory), or sneaking kisses in Chilton classrooms (Lorelai). Spending years with a person is way less glamorous than all of that, and the way Sookie showed us what it’s really like to have to deal with someone day in and day out (because you choose to, of course!) reminds me a lot of how long-term relationships actually feel.

Just look at all of these times that Sookie was totally you in a long-term relationship.

1. When You Try To Cook A Romantic Dinner And Practically Burn The House Down

Sometimes eating out is just easier.

2. When You Have Your First Fight And Realize Your Partner Isn’t Perfect

It sucks every single time, but it’s par for the course. Try to push through and hang on to the things you do love about them.

3. When You Meet Your Partner’s Parents

Remind yourself that they are not their parents. Even if it takes you saying it over and over again for the rest of your lives together.

4. When You’re Trying So Hard To Pretend Like You Like Your Partner’s Bizarre Interests

Sometimes they make it impossible, though.

5. When Your Single Friends Say You’re Not As Fun As You Were When You Were Single

Time to prove them wrong.

6. When You Finally Go Out With Your Friends And Remember How Great It Feels

Because nothing can grow in another tree’s shade. This girl’s gotta see the sun!

7. When You Have To Explain Why You Don’t Want To Have Sunday Night Dinners With Your Significant Other's Family Every Week

Set up boundaries and set them up as soon as you can. Know it, live it, love it.

8. When People Ask You How You Met

This response is more likely if you met online, because, UGH, who likes admitting to that.

9. Every Time You Fight Over Stupid Things

And it does happen. And you will hate yourself for it afterward.

10. When Your Single Friends Talk About All The Random Sex They’re Having

Point: Them.

11. When You Start Reading Each Other’s Minds

This happens to also be the time when you’re probably ready for number six on this list.

12. When An Exciting Night Together Means Watching The Primary Results Roll In

Because those debates are like a sporting event you both can get behind.

13. When You Have to Deal With Not Only Your Bad Days, But Their Bad Days Too

I can barely cope with my own mood swings, but navigating someone else’s on top of that… man, that’s where the real work happens.

Honestly, I identify with Sookie so much, and I try every day to live my life with as much gusto for good food and great friends as she does. And when things get rocky and those home fires start sparking, I just try to remind myself: What would Sookie St. James do?

Image: The WB; Giphy (9) Entertainment Weekly/Tumblr (2); Gilmore Girls Screencaps Out of Context/Tumblr; Gilmore Girls Are Coming/Tumblr