The Super Bowl Is Easier To Watch Than Ever

The cheap beer is flowing, the fans are chanting, and the smell of buffalo wings is in the air. Super Bowl season has come once again, and for Super Bowl 50 (Sorry, no Super Bowl L, Roman Numeral fans) the NFL is doing its best to make the event bigger and better than ever before. It's already assembled an all-star performance team for their halftime show and advertisers are releasing some of their most ambitious advertisements yet. Even if you're not a fan of football, the Super Bowl is going to have enough to watch to justify bringing your friends over and throwing a big party. Assuming, of course, that you have cable. Is there any way for cord-cutters to stream Super Bowl 50 and celebrate the biggest sporting event of the year?

Well, The NFL doesn't want anyone to miss out on the momentous Super Bowl 50 so, like last year, it's allowing the event to be streamed via CBS Sports, as announced in a press release. NFL has committed to streaming all of their postseason games live on many streaming platforms. This is great news for any football fan without cable, but which streaming platforms will be carrying the Super Bowl? Here's a rundown of all the ways to stream Super Bowl 50.

On Your Desktop/Laptop?

Super Bowl 50 can be watched on any computer by going to CBSSports.com. This also works for any tablet with web access.


If you have a Roku connected to your television, you can watch Super Bowl 50 through the CBS Sports App. This also works if you have a dedicated Roku TV.

Apple TV?

Apple TV users don't have to worry about missing out on the fun — you can tune in and watch the Super Bowl through the CBS Sports app on your Apple TV device.


Don't worry Google fans — CBS Sports is available on Chromecast as well, meaning you'll be able to chow down on some buffalo chicken dip while you've got the big game on your big screen.

Xbox One?

It may have been intended for video games, but the Xbox One also has access to a number of streaming services, including CBS Sports and the NFL on Xbox One app, which will also be featuring all CBS-owned postseason games. If you so desire, you can even hold on to the controller and pretend the Super Bowl is an incredibly realistic new version of Madden NFL.


Super Bowl 50 is streaming on mobile — but only for a certain demographic. To stream the Super Bowl on your mobile device you have to use the NFL Mobile from Verizon app which is exclusive to, you guessed it, Verizon customers. Sorry, everyone else.

While the NFL has a restriction on mobile streaming, there are still plenty of other options that make it almost too easy to tune into the Super Bowl. In fact, NFL's coverage is so expansive, you may need to go out of your way if you want to avoid the Super Bowl (which is exactly why the Puppy Bowl is a thing). With all these streaming options, the question is no longer "Can I watch the Super Bowl this year?" but instead "How will I watch the Super Bowl this year?"

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