David's Bridal is Giving Their Mannequins a Makeover to Look More Realistic, and It's About Time

It's about time that mannequins start to remotely resemble real women, and while we're a long way off from perfection, some retailers are making strides in the right direction. Just a couple of weeks ago, one New York City-based American Apparel displayed mannequins with pronounced pubic hair. And now, David's Bridal is jumping on the realistic mannequin bandwagon as well.

According to Business Insider, David's Bridal mannequins will soon feature "thicker waists, saggier breasts, and back fat." The changes are meant to give women a better understanding of what the dresses might look like on bodies similar to their own. This change has been a long time coming. In 2007, David's Bridal, which is the nation's largest bridal chain, first began to investigate ways to make mannequins mimic the shapes of real women.

These quasi-realistic mannequins are more expensive for the company, but in the age of online shopping, mannequins are fast becoming important as a marketing tool. Women want to buy from companies who keep the consumer in mind. David's Bridal is a major retailer, and if they find success with the more realistic model's it is likely that other big industry names will follow. Over time, we will probably see fewer and fewer of the headless, limbless, faceless mannequins of yesteryear.

On the heels of advertising strides like American Apparel's pube-sporting mannequins and the Aerie Real campaign, David's Bridal's change is likely to be a successful one. It's irresponsible to use models and mannequins that look nothing like the average woman to try to sell products. It sets an unrealistic and harmful standard. So, congrats David's Bridal, for getting a clue! This just might be a step forward.

Image: davidsbridal/Instagram