The Inspiration For Kylie's Lip Kit Is Adorable

Being that she’s a huge fan of makeup, I’m sure she puts a lot of thought into each and every lip product she creates. She’s got a reputation to uphold, after all. That’s why each and every shade is just as good, if not better than the last. The inspiration behind Kylie Jenner’s red Lip Kit shade is adorable because it appears to have come from none other than her grandmother, Mary Jo Shannon.

Given that the shade literally shares the same name as Kris Jenner’s mom, I’d say she had a whole lot to do with how this hue was created. This woman’s been known to rock a red lip from time to time, and her style is always extremely classy. The Kardashians/Jenners are one tight-knit family, so there’s no doubt that M.J., as they call her, has had some influence over these lovely ladies as they’ve grown up. If you ask me, I'd say her style rubbed off on her daughter and it’s trickled down from there.

See six photos that prove Jenner’s grandmother’s style to be that of a very well-dressed woman. I think you’ll find, just as I did, that this bold red lippie is quite fitting for someone with her taste level.

Such a great red color, isn't it?

1. Kylie & Mary Jo

These two couldn't be more adorable if they tried. M.J.'s working that red manicure, by the way.

2. Christmas Attire

What else would you wear to a Christmas party besides a stunning red blazer?

3. Three Generations

Three generations of gorgeous women. Shannon's a stand-out with that brightly colored pout.

4. Mom & Daughter Duo

Like mother, like daughter.

5. Throwback

She's been killing it for decades. Those oversized sunnies and her signature red lip. YAS.

6. Up Close With KoKo & M.J.

Here, you can really see her red lipstick on display. Get it, girls!

This grandma's got style and a great eye for color. It’s no wonder Jenner created her latest Lip Kit shade with her in mind.