Miley Cyrus Is Coming To 'The Voice' Season 10

Today in news that is awesome: Miley Cyrus a new adviser on The Voice Season 10. In true Cyrus fashion, the singer took to Twitter to tell her fans about her new gig... by posting a photo of herself licking one of The Voice's red buttons. If this is any indication of what Cyrus has in store for The Voice, then I am all in.

As the Key Adviser for judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera, Cyrus will have major input with the young artists. She gets to mentor contestants during the knockout rounds, following in the footsteps of previous advisers like Rihanna and Taylor Swift. "When Miley speaks everyone pays attention. Our artists are very lucky to have the benefit of her instincts and wisdom," said Paul Telegdy, president of Alternative and Late Night Programming for NBC Entertainment, in a press release. "Our viewers will be treated to an inside look at one of the brightest minds in music and the entertainment industry who is at the forefront of pop culture."

This season's competitors are in for something special. Cyrus is an amazingly talented singer, but she also excels at crafting a persona. She completely shattered her Disney image and embraced her own unique style, in your face personality, and daring public image. Cyrus can show these up-and-comers how to become stars in every sense of the word.

She also has the potential to pull in major viewers, because one of the coolest things about Cyrus is her total lack of a filter. She says exactly what she thinks, and her honesty is both refreshing and often hilarious. The Voice already feels like a party thanks to the bromance between Levine and Shelton — so with Cyrus adding her energy to the mix, things are bound to get crazy in the best way possible.

Whether you are obsessed with all things Cyrus or you are skeptical about her brand, you have to admit she is always entertaining. There's no way she is going to back down from arguing with the judges, and she is going to give the contestants her best advice — and probably like a bucket of glitter each. Would you really want it any other way? Cyrus is an artist with something to say, and that's pretty important for an adviser.

With Cyrus on board, Season 10 of The Voice is going to be epic. You don't bring on a personality like Cyrus unless you want to add a little shock to your awe. I say bring it — there is just no way Cyrus and The Voice aren't a match made in pop culture heaven.

The Voice Season 10 premieres Feb. 29 on NBC.