8 Times "Pillowtalk" Described Your Relationship

Zayn Malik is taking the music industry by storm — all on his own. After releasing the music video for Malik's first single, "Pillowtalk," the ties to One Direction have officially been severed (at least for now). Currently, the former boy band member is stepping into the spotlight with Gigi Hadid — his latest girlfriend since breaking things off with fiancée Perrie Edwards — and his lyrics are not holding back. Seriously, this song is hot. However, when breaking down the lyrics of the song, something become readily apparent: the The lyrics in "Pillowtalk" are relatable no matter what your relationship status may be. Yep, it is just all too real.

So, how did he manage to put together a song that's relatable on all counts? Well, there's something about the lyrics in "Pillowtalk" that leave you open-minded. Nothing being said in the song is put out there in a blunt or matter-of-fact way. Instead, you can think of the lyrics in more of an either/or sense. Is the song about a long-term relationship? Is it about a one-night stand? Is it about a confusing fling? Or what about a break-up? Yes, yes, and yes, it could be about all of those things.

Let me just take a moment to break down some of the most notable lyrics. This is why "Pillowtalk" is your any-type-of-relationship anthem for 2016.

1. "Climb on board. We'll go slow and high tempo."

Yes, these lyrics can obviously be about sex. However, I think they can also perfectly describe that feeling of diving headfirst into a new relationship. Also, being that these are the first lyrics of the song, it sets us up to listen to the song in a way that makes us feel excited, nervous, anxious — all of those initial feelings that you get when you're starting something new. So, if you're just starting a relationship or taking your first steps in an exciting new fling, yes, "Pillowtalk" works for you.

2. "I'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure."

Is your relationship status right now just straight-up complicated? Yep, "Pillowtalk" can be about that whole situation as well. These lyrics are short and simple, yet they are an almost spot on explanation of what it feels like to do something or go along with something that might make no sense at all — or even hurt you in the long-run. If there are two conflicting sides to what's going on in your love life right now, give this song a good listen.

3. "Nobody but you, 'body but me, 'body but us. Bodies together."

If you're just starting to fall in love for the first time, say hello to Zayn Malik's new song, "Pillowtalk." These lyrics perfectly sum up that moment when that connection to another person is finally being made. It's the moment where the boundaries between the physical and the emotional blur, and you start to realize that you may be falling in love. It's just too perfect.

4. "I'd love to hold you close, tonight and always. I'd love to wake up next to you."

These lyrics make "Pillowtalk" the perfect song for anyone in a long-term, serious committed relationship. Honestly, those are words that could be used in a marriage proposal. If you're deeply in love, moving in with someone, getting married, or just 100 percent committed, that doesn't mean that a sexy song like "Pillowtalk" can't be on your playlist.

5. "In the place that feels the tears. The place to lose your fears."

OK, forget about all of that relationship nonsense. What if you're just single? Maybe you have a crush, someone you're talking to, or you're just looking for someone to even be interested in. Yes, "Pillowtalk" can relate to those relationship moments as well. With these words, the song is transformed into a ballad that discusses what you may be searching or longing for in your future. Sometimes, music about relationships can help sooth your fantasies for the future and help you reminisce on your past.

6. "Reckless behavior. A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw."

This part of the song is clearly leaning towards the more sexual side of a relationship, and could be the perfect song to listen to while you're confidently strutting it back to your place. You don't need to be going through anything serious to consider "Pillowtalk" a relatable song, so this one's for the one-night stands and the straight-up flings. No emotional attachments needed.

7. "It's our paradise, and it's our war zone."

Break-up or make-up sex? Yeah, this could be a good song to play in that circumstance as well. Obviously, this song has an underlying sexual theme to it; however, it also holds a notion for conflict, struggle, and overall inner turmoil. Is it a paradise or a war zone? Listening to "Pillowtalk" might have you thinking about it all over again.

8. "Pillow talk. My enemy, my ally."

Have you ever said something in a relationship that you regretted immediately? Or maybe you just opened up about something you've never really talked about before? Yeah, pillow talk in itself can be a tricky thing. It can either bring you closer to someone or tear you apart. These lyrics are for those moments in your love life when you just don't know how to feel. Everything is up in the air on all levels. You're raw and open. Time to listen to "Pillowtalk."

Plus, it definitely helps that the soulful and intense lyrics are paired with a beat that is just so dang catchy. Excuse me, but I'll be listening to this on repeat until his next single comes out.

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