How Many Brits Are Happy With Their Sex Lives

I lived here long enough to know that British aren't the prudes they pretend to be, but now I have a pretty hefty survey to back me up. They're having a lot of sex. A OnePoll survey of 1,000 Brits for ITV1’s This Morning looked at everything from the positions and how much sex British people are having, as well as why they have sex and, most importantly, how they feel about their sex life. So how many Brits are happy with their sex life? 64 percent. Which is good.. sort of. I mean, it's encouraging that more than half are satisfied in bed, but that still leaves 35 percent unhappy, according to the survey. (I don't know what happened to the other 1 percent, maybe they were busy doing it during the survey.)

But it was more interesting if you look at how the happiness and unhappiness was split up. For example, 70 percent of women were satisfied, compared to just 58 percent of men, according to The Mirror. And if you ever think that sex dwindles with age, think again. In the 55 and over category 70 percent were happy with their sex lives, the highest of any age group. So it looks like older women are the most likely to be happy between the sheets.

Although a lot of people were happy, not everyone was feeling it. So what's the problem? Here are some of the things holding them back from sexual happiness — and what they're doing about it:

1. Not Enough Sex...

This was the biggest problem. Of the 35 percent who weren’t satisfied in the bedroom, 84 percent said that lack of sex was the main issue. So for nearly everyone that was the problem. Or should I say, part of the problem. Because it's a bit more complicated than that— there are a lot of factors at play.

2. ... Especially For Men

60 percent of unsatisfied men wanted more sex, compared to 40 percent of unsatisfied women who wanted more. That's definitely a significant difference, but it's important to note there are a whole lot of ladies out there wanting more sex— it's not just dudes with high sex drives, people.

3. The Quality Of Sex Can Be A Problem

The other significant problem was the quality of the sex, which 27 percent of those not satisfied identified as a problem. So basically, for those who are unhappy, with over a quarter of them it's because the sex is straight up bad.

4. But People Are Trying To Spice It Up

The good news is, people aren't just being lazy about it— they're trying to spice things up. Nearly 50 percent of respondents had tried to mix it up in the bedroom. The methods? Sex toys were the most common, but there was also role play, games, porn and more.

5. And They're Still Orgasming

So it turns out, more than 40 percent say they always orgasm during sex, but more than a quarter confessed to faking orgasms. Now, I really wish the number of those always orgasming was higher, but the good news out of the quarter who fake it, most of them said they do it "rarely". So hopefully it's a sign that faking it is on it's way out as the orgasm gap closes.

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