When People Brag About Their "Chill" V-Day

The most romantic day of the year is nearly upon us, and that means people bragging about their "chill" Valentine's Day are going to be the bane of your existence for at least the next week. OK, we get it: you're not into cutesy shit or "corporate holidays" and that makes you so much more awesome and cool than everyone else. The rhetoric of being "anti-Valentine's" is just as annoying as anyone's gushing, grossly adorable Valentine's love fest, because people who brag about their hate for Valentine's Day love nothing more than to attempt to outdo one another in their apathy, which Mashable's video perfectly mimics.

The video shows your typical water cooler conversation in which co-workers discuss their plans for Valentine's Day. It starts off regular, just a guy bragging about how "low-key" he and his girlfriend are about Valentine's Day (which is entirely insufferable) and then continues to get more and more absurd as people try and prove exactly how chill they are about February 14. Personally, I'm going to be loving the crap out of my amazing boyfriend on Valentine's Day and I don't even care who knows it, because I'm old enough now that I don't need to buy into the "apathy is cool" schtick and I can just be as much of an enthusiastic loser as I like. Meanwhile, if you're still trying to look chill about Valentine's here are some things you can say to make yourself look like you DGAF:

1. Reiterate That There Will Be No Presents

What better way to shun a "corporate holiday" than to refuse to buy stuff for it? Tell everyone you won't be exchanging gifts, or anything vaguely resembling gifts at Valentine's Day to make yourself look like your super don't care, and are above all that nonsense.

2. Let Everyone Know You And Your Partner Are A Team On This

You hate Valentine's Day, sure, but that doesn't mean you don't love to rub into everyone's faces how perfect you and your partner are for each other. You might not buy presents, but boy, is your cynicism really in sync!

3. Act Like You Walk Around With Your Eyes Closed And Ears Plugged

There is literally no way you could forget Valentine's Day is coming up if you participate in society, it's so ubiquitously advertised. But pretend you do anyway, because that will show how little you care.

4. Be Superior At All Times

Unlike other couples, you and your partner don't need a day to express love. You don't have to celebrate your love, EVER, because you just know you have it, and that's all you need! Hooray for you!

Watch the whole conversation below if you want more tips for looking cool in front of your coworkers when discussing Valentine's Day:

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