Zayn Debuts An Acoustic Version Of "Pillowtalk"

by Alex Kritselis

Prepare to spaz out, Little Zaynsters: On Wednesday, Zayn Malik dropped an acoustic version of "Pillowtalk," and it's just as sexy and captivating as the original. ICYMI: The 23-year-old former One Direction member premiered his debut solo single (along with its accompanying music video) last Friday. This fresh take on the track (which is officially called "the living room session") replaces the stuttering percussion and rumbling bassline of the original with an acoustic guitar, putting the singer's impressive vocals front and center. Thanks to years of performing with 1D, we already knew Malik had vocal chops — but it never hurts to get a little reminder!

The acoustic version of "Pillowtalk" clocks in at just two minutes and 25 seconds because Malik opted to omit the second verse — but you'll hardly notice (or care). Trust me, once you get a load of the heartthrob's dreamy falsetto in the chorus, it's all over. You'll put it on repeat and fall into a deep Zayn-induced trance for hours.

Admittedly, my pick for "One Direction member most likely to succeed on his own" has always been Harry Styles (and it looks as though he's going to give the whole solo career thing a try, so we'll see what happens), but based on "Pillowtalk," Malik seems more than ready to become a solo superstar. Check out his acoustic rendition of "Pillowtalk" below.

Earlier this week, Malik previewed another new song called "Late Nights" on Twitter — and, predictably, his fans went berserk. He definitely knows how to build hype for his upcoming LP! Speaking of which, Malik's debut album, Mind of Mine , is set to arrive on March 25. Curiously, that's the exact same day he announced his departure from One Direction in 2015.

According to Billboard, Malik was asked if he intentionally chose the March 25 release date for his album during a recent radio interview. "I don't know, is that how it works out?" he reportedly responded. "It's March 25, it wasn't planned that way. It works that way. It just seems to coincide with the iTunes launch and everything. Maybe it's a sign."

Maybe, Zayn. Maybe.

"Pillowtalk (the living room session)" is available on iTunes now.

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