10 Hacks For Looking Good All Day At Work

When it comes to beauty-related emergencies, the struggle can be so real. Many of us have woken up in a cold sweat over the nightmare of forgetting our flatiron on a weekend trip — or have been en route to a date, only to realize we just winged one eye. When adding the many stresses that the working world brings, it's important to be well equipped for all situations to keep yourself feeling flawless.

When your Monday morning meeting is upon you, you won't need to stress about those dark circles that magically appeared after a busy weekend. You can take a few quick dabs of a brightening concealer under your eyes, and you'll look like you spent all weekend in bed watching Netflix with your boo. When Wednesday rolls around and your coworkers invite you out, you won't need to worry that you hit snooze that morning and skipped the shower. You'll have your dry shampoo on hand to refresh your look. When Friday arrives, you can celebrate the fact that you made it through the week without suffering a total meltdown.

So, before you consider having your roommate load up your necessities and Uber them to your office, stock up on the balms, red-eye reducers, and desk drawer-friendly hot tools that will get you to 5 p.m.

Brighten Dark Circles with This Amethyst, Pearl, and Sapphire Powder Concealer

Bare Escentuals Well-Rested Face and Eye Brightener , $19, Amazon

This concealer's sheer mineral-rich formula uses amethyst, pearl, and sapphire powder to illuminate tired skin, which combats dark circles and fine lines to give your eyes an instant glow. The paraben-free concealer can also be applied as a highlighter to your cheeks. You work really hard, and you're tired— but your eyes don't have to show it.

Remove Coffee Stains (and Freshen Breath) With This Multipurpose Pen

SmileActive Tooth Whitening Pen, $14, Amazon

Easy to apply anywhere, this vanilla-mint brush tip pen whitens teeth up to 10 shades — and kills bad breath-causing germs. The three-week whitening pen is the perfect way to erase the signs that you've been relying on a little extra coffee this week. Users even said it didn't make their teeth sensitive like other whitening products. With this in your desk drawer, you'll be flashing a bright smile to your coworkers in no time.

Do a Discreet Touch-Up with This Mini Flat Iron

T ravel-Size Mini Hair Straightener, $13, Amazon

At just 15 centimeters long, this top-rated compact hair tool gets you silky locks stat — heating up its hair damage-safe ceramic plates up to 356 degrees. The non-slip grip mini straightener will fit perfectly in your desk and is great for a quick bathroom touch-up before a meeting or desk-side. If you have super-short hair, this travel-size straightener offers maximum control for getting every last strand.

Rescue Lips From Office AC With Lotus Flower Antioxidant Lip Balm

J ane Iredale LipDrink Lip Balm, $15, Amazon

This lotus flower conditioning balm is infused with protective and soothing avocado and sunflower seed oils, vitamin E, and antioxidants to take on damage at the cellular level. Blackberry and pomegranate infusions ensure your lips smell refreshing, while its hydrating, high-gloss tint adds color that complements any beauty look. Stave off office AC-induced thirsty lips with the balm that doubles for errand-running at lunch. (And yep, it has SPF 15, too!)

Be Prepared for Everyday Blunders with This Genius Compact Kit

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit , $35, Amazon

Cover all your bases with this little lifesaver that includes a travel-size tampon, double-sided tape, hair spray, earring backs, stain remover, clear polish, and even more of the disaster-proof essentials you need at arm's length. You're officially set for all those last-minute emergencies you never see coming.

Blot Away Greasy Skin with Abaca Leaf Fibers

Blotting Paper Premium Oil Absorbing Sheets, $8, Amazon

Not only are these abaca leaf fiber sheets eco-friendly, their green tea ingredient soothes and protects irritated skin. Dab one of these all-natural sheets on your face to soak up excess oil in seconds. Plus, they won't smudge your makeup. Your amazing work ethic can now be the only thing shining at the office.

Soak Up Oil (And Add Texture) With This Matte Dry Shampoo

Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo , $9, Amazon

This matte-finish dry shampoo is a favorite among Amazon customers for pumping up thin, flat hair and not needing two minutes to set before brushing. The top-rated, oil-absorbing spray means clean-looking hair, even after eight stressful hours at a desk. (It's especially helpful if you've skipped a morning shower.) If you're guilty of sleeping through the one, two, or six alarms you set, this dry shampoo will become your next best friend. Promise.

Rejuvenate Hands, Arms, and Face with This Rosewater Mist

Jurlique Balancing Mist, $23, Amazon

Keep the skin on your face and neck feeling soft with this hydrating toning mist, which is filled with natural antioxidants that protect and soothe skin. The desk drawer-friendly bottle will give you instant midday rejuvenation, and the fresh rose fragrance is safe for combination skin.

Look Polished By Catching Wayward Brow Hairs With This Two-in-One Pencil

Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil, $5, Amazon

Keep your eyebrows on fleek throughout the day with the 2-in-1 pencil and brow comb that touches up your brows in under a minute. Not only is this waterproof formula safe for sensitive, screen-addled eyes, but the micro mechanical pencil tip means you have more precise control and a smooth fluid blend. After all, having a strong eyebrow game is essential.

Combat Screen Strain on Eyes With All-Natural Drops

Wisdom of the Ages Eyedrops, $16, Amazon

Fight dehydrated red eye symptoms with this all-natural, top-rated eye drop relief. Its organic eyebright formula (made from the Euphrasia plant) is a natural astringent that shrinks irritated blood vessels, which frees your bloodshot eyes from that stubborn redness. Finally, you can leave the vampire eyes to Edward Cullen.

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