What If Paris Geller Was Related To Monica Geller?

This year is turning out to be the year when all of your favorite TV shows return in one form or another. Not only is Fuller House happening, a Gilmore Girls reboot is on the way, and the cast of Friends is going to be in the same room with each other for a TV special. All this reboot/reunion madness has my brain working overtime, and, you guys, I am pretty sure Paris Geller is totally related to Ross and Monica Geller. I know, that sounds like a leap, but is the idea that Friends and Gilmore Girls exist in the same universe so far-fetched? I don't think so.

It's not just that Paris and Ross and Monica all share the same last name. They all grew up wealthy in New England, and share a surprising amount of personality traits. Paris is younger than the Geller siblings, but she could definitely be their cousin from Connecticut. While I would love nothing more than to see Paris hanging with her cousins Ross and Monica at Central Perk when the Gilmore Girls reboot hits, I think the creators of both shows would prefer you didn't figure out this top secret connection.

That will not stop me from exposing the truth though. Paris, Ross, and Monica are definitely related... in my head.

Monica Was Paris' Cautionary Tale Growing Up

On one level, Paris admired Monica because she, too, was an ultra-competitive, unapologetically opinionated women with a compulsive need for order and cleanliness. On the other hand, Monica was a hugger and a chef, two things Paris has no use for. Paris knew that she had to channel all of her energy into taking the world by storm, lest she follow in Monica's non-Ivy League footsteps.

Paris & Ross Share A Special Bond Thanks To Their Middle Name

Their great Aunt Eustice Geller may have been awesome, but neither Paris nor Ross wanted to be saddled with her name. In fact, when Ross heard Paris' father was bestowing the name Eustice on her too, he wrote a long, impassioned letter on Paris' behalf that her father never read.

Ross & Monica Got Into A Fight At Paris' Bat Mitzvah

In true Monica and Ross fashion, they caused a major scene over who gave Paris the best present (neither of them did, according to Paris), and they were never invited to another one of Paris' family's events again. This secretly bummed Paris out.

Monica Is The One Who Got Paris Into Crafting

A conversation between Monica and Paris before Paris started college at Yale prompted Paris to hire a life coach and get serious about crafting. She too has a ribbon drawer, and Doyle is not allowed to touch it. This makes Monica proud.

Ross Was Paris' First Crush

Hey, in her defense, she was five, and he was a paleontologist. Ross still teases her about this because he's Ross.

Paris Envies Ross & Monica's Closeness

The New York Gellers were always so close. Paris used to imagine what it would be like to be part of their family all of the time, instead of spending so much time in her family's big Connecticut house alone.

Monica Helped Paris Deal With The Death Of Asher

No one got Paris' relationship with Asher the way Monica did, and she helped Paris get over Asher's death. Monica has always thought of Paris as her mini-me, but she would never tell Paris that, because even Monica does not want to invoke Paris' wrath.

Post-College, Paris & Doyle Moved Into Monica's Old Apartment

They designated the spare room for Rory visits, and every time Monica visits she gets a major case of the feelings.

Given how seamlessly Paris, Monica, and Ross' lives fit together, I am just going to have to declare the Gellers are all related theory fact. At least in my head canon.

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