6 Other Cute Holidays Facebook Should Invent

Today signals the advent of a new holiday: Facebook Friends Day. It might seem trite on the face of it, considering that being friends with someone on Facebook doesn't necessarily mean you're actual, real, would-take-a-bullet-or-even-just-sometimes-have-brunch-with-each-other friends, Mark Zuckerberg's announcement on the new holiday was actually kind of sweet. Writing on his own Facebook page, the social media network creator wrote:

"Today is a day to celebrate friends. It's also Facebook's birthday, but today isn't about celebrating us. It's about friendship.

This sounds simple, but not often enough are we taught to celebrate friends. Growing up, we learn that homework and chores are more important and need to be done before we can spend time with friends. As adults, we're told we're responsible when we put our work ahead of our family and friends.

Friendship isn't a distraction from the meaningful things in life. Friendship is what gives meaning to our lives.

Our friendships make the world work. We laugh, we cry and we learn with friends. We eat, we shop and we work with friends. And when we fight for what we believe and change the world, we do that with friends too.

As we all do our part in this journey to connect the world, it's important to remind ourselves to celebrate what's at the root of it all: friendship. Thank you for being part of our community of friends.

Let's turn today into a day to celebrate a friend. ‪#‎friendsday‬"

I mean, who's going to argue with that sentiment, right? In celebration of friendship, you might have also noticed that Facebook has rolled out some neat little personalized videos celebrating your friendships, or at least the ones you post a lot about online. Because Friends Day is pretty cute, I've taken the liberty of coming up with some other pretty cute holidays Facebook could/should invent for us. Here are my suggestions:

1. "Like" Day

A day where you just like stuff! No negativity, just like-like-like-like!

2. Friend Of A Friend Day

Friend of a friend day is a day for getting to know your friend's friends, and introducing your friends to each other! Recommend a friend to a friend based on their interests and what you know about them, and help new friendships blossom.

3. "Who Needs Dating Apps Anyway?" Day

In the spirit of bringing people together, why not a day where you set a single friend up with another single friend you might think would be a match? There are apps that do this sure, but they lack the personal touch of a friend who knows both parties making the connection.

4. Don't Invite Anyone To Play Candy Crush Or Any Other Game Day

The cutest thing you can possibly do on Facebook is not invite your friends to play some mobile game. We get it, you're addicted. We don't need to be reminded with Farmville invitations every 10 minutes.

5. Print A Photo Day

Remember the days when you had to print your photos to see them regularly? Why not create a holiday that encourages Facebook users to print a photo and stick it on their fridge, frame it and put it on a wall, or on their desk as a way of bringing reminders of your friendships and memories into the three dimensional world?

6. Pick Up The Damn Phone Day

Did you know Facebook Messenger has a built in phone option? Probably not. It's like Face Time or Skype, and you can use it to make free calls. In the spirit of promoting friendship IRL, Facebook could have a cute holiday that encourages users to use the phone feature to call their loved ones.I

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