#NotBuyingIt App Fights Sexist Advertisements Just In Time for the Super Bowl

In an awesome campaign to call out sexist advertisements, The Representation Project, an organization focused on exposing gender injustices through media, has launched an app called #NotBuyingIt. The app is based on a hashtag that has been challenging sexist marketing since 2012, and its description in the apple store reads:

With the #NotBuyingIt app, you can create, join and win campaigns against sexism in the media...We're putting the power back in the hands of the consumer. In a media environment where women continue to be valued primarily for their youth, beauty and sexuality, it's time we took a collective stand. Sexism won't sell, because we're #NotBuyingIt.

You use the app by uploading images of an offensive television ad, billboard, or magazine spread, stamping it with #NotBuyingIt, and then sharing on other social media platforms to let the offending companies know that their objectification or misrepresentation has to end. Forbes reports that the app also

allows users to join together to create campaigns, using social media including Twitter to call on companies to improve the way they portray women. The app is location-based, allowing for localized movements around, say, an offensive billboard showing a woman slumped on a sink sexily, her legs open.

The app was released last week, just in time for us to brace ourselves for what surely will be a shit show of offensive Super Bowl ads. So, keep one hand in the nachos and one hand on your smart phone, because game time just got much more interesting.