The Best Romantic Gestures From Monica & Chandler

by Kaitlin Reilly

Friends wouldn't have received its platonic title if it wasn't about a group of pals, but it likely wouldn't have held our attention if it didn't also feature heaps of romantic moments. If you're a diehard, life-long Friends fan (or just became one when it hit Netflix, which is also perfectly acceptable) you likely have a favorite couple. If you're a fan of the rollercoaster romance, you likely swoon whenever Ross and Rachel have a will-they/won't-they onscreen moment. (And you likely have some very strong opinions about whether they were on a break. Which, uh, they were not.) If you don't understand romantic chemistry, you probably rooted for Rachel and Joey, in which case your real-life friends likely disowned you. But no matter what couple you rooted for, there's just no way that you didn't put Monica and Chandler's relationship on a pedestal. The friends-turned-more had amazing chemistry and ended up being just plain amazing for one another — could they be any cuter?

Ross and Rachel may have their romantic moments, but it's ride or die couple Monica and Chandler who get the show's sweetest ones. Why? Well, it's because Monica and Chandler can't stop, won't stop making sure that the other person feels as loved as possible. Whether it's a major gesture (like, say, a marriage proposal) or a simple one, there's a reason that these two lovebirds were endgame. Here are some super cute romantic gestures that made Friends fans swoon.

1. When Chandler Gave Monica A Much-Needed Confidence Boost

After (yet another) confidence-crashing conversation with her mother, Monica turns to Chandler for support. Instead of cracking jokes, Chandler tells Monica that she's "the most beautiful woman in most rooms" and that anyone would be crazy not to want her. Though the pair isn't dating at the time, Chandler's words pretty much guarantees that this ship is going to set sail, just in case the romantic tension wasn't obvious enough.

2. When Monica Dances With A Turkey On Her Head

It's her way of atoning for (accidentally) causing Chandler to lose a toe... and it leads to Chandler saying "I love you." (Also accidentally, but, unlike Chandler's toe, the love stuck.)

3. When Chandler Admits His Love For Monica In Front Of Their Friends

After Phoebe and Rachel find out about Chandler and Monica, Phoebe decided to mess with Chandler by faux "seducing" him. Monica and Chandler find out and decide to play along, but Chandler eventually gives, admitting to his friends that he's in love with Monica. Cue the tears.

4. When They Admit Their Love In Front Of Ross

Even though Ross is in serious rage mode, the couple stands firm in their love. Eventually, Ross calms down — I mean, it's not like they ate his sandwich, right?

5. When Chandler Asks Monica To Move In

"Are you hugging the door right now?"

6. When Chandler Lies To Monica So The Proposal Can Be A Surprise

What is it about deceiving your girlfriend into thinking your a total commitphobe is so romantic? I'm not sure, but it makes my heart sing every single time.

7. When They Propose To Each Other

After a series of mishaps, Monica decides to propose to Chandler in a room filled with candles. When she can't finish the proposal, he takes over for her and pops the question... and Friends fans collectively lose their minds.

8. When Chandler Buys A Present For Their "Baby"

When Phoebe tells Chandler that Monica is pregnant at their wedding, Chandler decides not to freak out (so unlike Chandler up to this point) and instead buy Monica and their "baby" a present. It turns out that the pregnancy test belonged to Rachel, but still: it's the thought that counts, right?

9. When Chandler Tells Monica He Likes "Maintaining" Her

Just further proof that they appreciate one another's so-called "flaws" and are therefore perfect together.

10. When Chandler Returns Home For Christmas

Chandler ends up moving to Tulsa for work, leaving Monica alone for half the week. After Selma Blair (OK, in this universe, "Wendy") makes a move on him, Chandler quits his job and goes home to New York so he can be with his wife for good. It's a Christmas miracle!

11. When Monica Says She Doesn't Want To Have A Baby If It's Not Chandler's

Yes — even if it could be John Stamos'.

Let Chandler and Monica be your guides to romance, because this couple is forever killing it in the love department.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; cigarzonice/Tumblr