'PLL's Spencer Is You At Your High School Reunion

by Kaitlin Reilly

There are few things in life that drudge up as many emotions as a high school reunion. For some, reuniting with the people that they spent four years with is an awesome blast of nostalgia. For others, returning to their high school halls sounds even less appealing than having highly uncomfortable dental work. And then there are those who couldn't care less about seeing their old high school buddies (and, potentially, frenemies) and who are just going because of the free food and open bar (hey, I am so not judging). But, take comfort in the fact that, if there's one television character who can understand the mixed bag of emotions that is returning to your former stomping grounds for a high school reunion, it's Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars. With the series having jumped ahead five years with the beginning of Season 6B, returning to Rosewood isn't easy — so she'll definitely understand your need for a free martini or three.

Returning to a place that held some pretty monumental moments comes with plenty of string attached, like still being lovestruck by your high school crush (please oh please oh please let him have lost that adorable smirk with age) or getting cornered into an hour-long conversation with the high school jerk who now has his own private plane. How would Spencer handle those awkward moments? Here are just a few awesome Spencer quotes to pull out at your high school reunion as you see fit.

1. When Your High School Mean Girl Tries To Play Nice

Sure, you appreciate that she left her snarking and passive aggressiveness at graduation, but you can't help but think she's only chatting you up because she heard your company is hiring.

2. When Your Friend Is Lying About Her Career Success, Romy & Michele's High School Reunion-Style

Girl, you SO did not invent Vine. Nor are you married to "that other" Hemsworth brother.

3. When Your High School Rival Is Trash-Talking You Within Earshot

This is so high school, and though you realize you are physically in a high school at the moment, you packed that place away mentally a long time ago.

4. When The Creepy Dude Who Always Hit On You In High School Is Still Hitting On You

You were too polite to tell him to eff off when you were a freshman, but now that you're a grown ass woman, you have no interest in being nice.

5. When Your Friend Brings Her New Baby

You're a long way from motherhood, but damn is that baby adorable.

6. When You Get Stuck In An Unending Conversation With A Guy Who Can't Stop Bragging

You would give anything to not be listening to this guy go on and on about his amaaaazing job perks.

7. When You See The Hottest Guy In Your Class And Swoon

It's been way too long for him to have the same effect on you. Pull yourself together, girl.

8. ...And When You Find Out He's Married

Darn. And you guys were going to have such cute kids, too.

9. When Someone Comes Up To You And Says Hello, But You Have Zero Clue Who They Are

Oh, God. Start searching through every name in your head... Jack? Jim? Peter? Ack!

10. When You See That Friend You Had A Falling Out With

Have bygones become bygones yet, or are you guys still locked in a battle for that editor of the yearbook position?

11. When The Head Of The Committee Says She "Hopes To See You At The Next One"

Yeah... you're going to have to think about that one.

Talk to some old friends, hit up the free food, and be grateful that these events only come around every few years. And if you want more PLL, check out Bustle's very own PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave:

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