Wait, Is "Pillowtalk" About 1D?

After Zayn Mailk's decision to depart from One Direction shook the fandom to its core, people have warmed up to the idea of Malik as a solo artist. How do I know this? Oh, probably because Malik's first song — "Pillowtalk" — debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. Or maybe the proof's in his video, which has 44.5 million hits on YouTube, and has only been out for a few days. The point is that Malik happens to be doing well, really well, despite his exit from the band that put him on the map.

We'll never know the exact details on why Malik decided to leave One Direction. We can speculate, and guess, and take his word for it when he tells us that it was mostly because his creativity was being stifled, but again, we'll never really know. And maybe its none of the fandom's business. As long as Malik's still making music — and 1D is also still around — there's not a whole lot to complain about. But, just for curiosity sake, what if Malik's "Pillowtalk" is his way of telling us more info? What if the song has more to do with his departure from 1D than you'd think? What if he (ingeniously) wanted people to think the song was about sex (by naming it "Pillowtalk," putting Gigi Hadid in the video, subsequently making out with Gigi Hadid, etc.), but in actuality, it's not about sex at all? The following lyrics that might convince you "Pillowtalk" could be about Malik leaving 1D — and not about, well, anything related to pillows and beds.

1. "We'll Go Slow And High Tempo/ Light And Dark"

This could easily explain the ups and downs (slow and high, light and dark) of being in the band, but wanting to leave.

2. "I'm Seeing The Pain, Seeing The Pleasure"

There were obviously upsides to being in 1D — fame, fortune, to name a few — but there was also apparently pain for Malik.

3. "Nobody But You, 'Body But Me, 'Body But Us"

Perhaps this is Malik's way to explain his confusions on being individualized within the band. There was nobody but "us" for him.

4. "So We'll Piss Off The Neighbors"

The neighbors equals the fans. OK, it's a stretch — but I envision Malik and 1D discussing his leaving, everyone knowing that the fans would be pissed off, but having to accept such a thing anyway.

5. "In The Place That Feels The Tears/ The Place To Lose Your Fears"

The place to lose Malik's fears was on his own. Coincidentally, I'm sure that was also the place that feels the tears.

6. "Yeah, Reckless Behavior"

He recognizes that his own behavior was at times reckless, and yeah, he's probably sorry.

7. "A Place That Is So Pure, So Dirty And Raw"

The emotional "place" that Malik was in before he decided to exit. Full of many differing emotions.

8. "Fighting On"

He revealed in a recent interview with Beats 1 Radio that he had feelings of wanting to leave before he decided to, so he did "fight on" — for at least a little bit in an effort to keep the band together.

9. "It's Our Paradise And It's Our War Zone"

The studio perhaps? Sounds like it was a place of creative contention.

10. "My Enemy, My Ally"

How Malik might feel about his band members. They were his best friends, part of his group, but now in a sense, they are his competitors.

11. "Then We're Free"

Finally, he's made it as a solo artist.

Alright, so I might have not 100 percent convinced you — but you have to admit, it's a solid theory, right?

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