'Legends' Hints At The Fate Of Superman & Batman

Given the amount of television I watch on a daily basis, it takes quite a bit to shock me. But there was something that Rip Hunter said during this week's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Blood Ties" that almost made me fall out of my chair. During yet another rousing speech to his fellow Legends, the time master claimed that "I've seen men of steel die and dark knights fall." Call me paranoid, but did Rip Hunter just confirm that Superman and Batman are dead in his future? I mean, considering he's from the year 2166, I suppose it shouldn't be all that surprising, especially since Batman is mortal. But this knowledge still comes as quite a shock nonetheless.

Honestly, I'm having a hard time even picturing a world where these two superheroes no longer exist. And yet that seems to be pretty much what he's implying here. What else are we supposed to think when you use words like "Man of Steel" and "Dark Knight." No, he used those phrases for a purpose and could be the Legends of Tomorrow writers' way of reminding us that the world won't always have these heroes around to watch over it.

But now the question that's been plaguing me ever since those ominous words came out of Hunter's mouth is, how do they end up dying? Is it from old age, after finally retiring from fighting crime? Or do they meet their end in combat to some mysterious foe? Hunter used the term "fall" in his comment, which seems to imply the latter. And if that's the case then their downfall could happen at any time. (Hunter is a time master, after all, and could've therefore seen this take place in any number of future scenarios.)

It's also worth reminding you that The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends are all part of the same universe (hence all the crossover potential), which means those shows — Supergirl in particular — could end up providing further hints in regards to Superman's potentially grim fate. But then again, Hunter and his Legends are messing with the time line so much that maybe the future that he knows will become obsolete. So until we know for sure, my worrying is far from over.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW