Celeste Resurrects An Enemy on 'The Originals'

This week on The Originals , we meet Papa Tunde. He's a witch (a warlock?) who does ancient magic and has a giant pet snake. He's the kind of guy who might surprise you with a boxed-up severed head. Papa Tunde, Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Marcel knew each other many, many years ago. They’re old chums! And by “old chums,” I mean “old enemies.” Way back when, Papa Tunde presented Klaus and Elijah with the mayor’s head and was like, “I’m the new king of the Quarter. BYE.” Also? Klaus killed Papa Tunde and his sons. So no, they didn’t have the best relationship. Anyway, Celeste resurrected Papa Tunde and let him wreak havoc in the Quarter.

At the top of the ep, Klaus brings Thierry out of the torture garden. I guess Klaus forgives him? I don’t know. Rebekah tells Elijah she’s the reason Thierry’s out of the torture garden. Oh, okay. She says she’s looking into the “What happened to The Harvest power?” problem, and that she doesn’t trust Klaus. Ah right, she’s secretly scheming against Klaus. Elijah is like, “Come on, don’t do this. You’re going to mess everything up.” Rebekah is like, “UGH no YOU’RE going to mess everything up.”

Meanwhile, Marcel is very, very sad about Davina’s death. I’m with you, Marcellus. Klaus is like, “Hey, can you buck up? Now that Davina’s gone, the witches are losing their strength. So let’s go kill ‘em!” Marcel is like, “Nope. Not going to do whatever it is you want me to do. I’m in a funk.” Diego shows up and is like, “Hey, sorry to interrupt but… some vampires were killed. They weren’t staked. They were… sacrificed? I think?”

Diego takes them to the vampires. There are markings on their face, and a giant symbol has been drawn around their bodies. Marcel says the markings are “tied to some bad mojo” and suggests everyone go back to the vampire courtyard.

Elijah and Klaus are like, “OH. I recognize those symbols. IT'S A PAPA TUNDE COPYCAT. It couldn't possibly be Papa Tunde, though. I’m going to give whoever’s imitating Papa Tunde’s magic a piece of my mind.” Diego tells Klaus that the vampires are not feeling the “let’s go battle witches who can kill vampires” sitch. Klaus is like, “Fine. I guess it’s all up to me.”

Ugh, Thierry

Thierry (Rebekah’s witch detective) takes Rebekah to the docks and shows her a symbol on the ground. It’s exactly like the one that was around the dead vampires. Rebekah is like, “Oh, shoot. I know what this is. Someone’s jacked the style a very scary witch. A witch that could steal power. This really, really sucks. But nice sleuthing, Thierry.”

And then, Papa Tunde appears! What timing. His ears must’ve been burning. Rebekah is shocked that he's alive, and then tries to attack him. He immediately overpowers her and stabs her head with a tusk (an ivory dagger?). Her face goes all veiny. He cuts her. Thierry scrams. UGH, THIERRY.

Papa Tunde slices open his pet snake and casts a spell on Rebekah’s almost-dead body. Okay, I know she’s immortal, but she looks almost-dead. Celeste shows up to the sacrifice scene and is like, “Hey, did you get the Original’s power yet?” And Papa Tunde's like, “Yeah, I think so. I'm feeling AMPED. I should be able to kick Klaus’s ass now and exact my revenge. Neat, huh?”

Ugh, Thierry!

Elijah realizes Rebekah’s missing. He asks Thierry what’s been going on between him and Rebekah/where she is. Thierry says that Rebekah asked him to keep an eye out for witch stuff. He found the markings at the docks, took Rebekah there, and that’s when Papa Tunde sacrificed her. Elijah was like, “Ugh, THIERRY. Way to bail on Rebekah, ya wuss.” Elijah and Hayley rush to the docks.

Elijah and Hayley find Rebekah where Papa Tunde left her, but there’s an invisible magic barrier around her body. Elijah calls Sophie and is like, “How do we get rid of this barrier?” Sophie is like, “I don’t know. It’s probably something really basic like ‘eye of newt.’” Elijah says, “Wait. What about the blood of a witch?!” And I was like, "UH, WHAT?" Hayley’s unborn baby is a quarter witch, so Elijah takes some of her blood and uses it to deactivate the invisible barrier. It actually works. Huh. Good hustle, Elijah.

Marcel visits Cami at the bar. He tells Cami that many, many years ago, Klaus beheaded Papa Tunde’s sons. Papa Tunde’s sons channeled his power. (I think that's what he said? I don't know.) Oh, right. Klaus killed Papa Tunde, too. That's why Papa Tunde’s going after the Originals. Cami is like, “UGH, so terrible. Klaus is a jerk.” Marcel is like, “Meh, supernatural business is what it is.” Of course, Papa Tunde walks in the bar at that very moment. I’m telling you, that guy has some timing. He’s like, “I’m going to kill you because Klaus loves you like a son. He killed my sons, remember? REVENGE!” Marcel’s like, “Crap.” Papa Tunde does try to kill Marcel. Cami freaks out and calls Klaus. Klaus rushes to the bar.

Elijah and Hayley remove Rebekah from the sacrifice circle, which breaks the bond between Rebekah and Papa Tunde. Papa Tunde loses his Original vamp power. Just as Papa Tunde goes to stab Klaus, Papa Tunde becomes weak. THWARTED. Klaus throws him off of Marcel. Papa Tunde runs away. Marcel is in bad shape, so Cami gives him some of her blood. Klaus is jealous.

Later, Rebekah and Elijah fight about Rebekah plotting against Klaus. Elijah is like, “FAMILY!” and Rebekah is like, “WHAT ABOUT HAYLEY?” and I'm like, "Oh, you Mikaelsons!"

Flashback to 1919

1919 Marcel tells 1919 Rebekah that he brought Papa Tunde and co. to New Orleans because he wants to overthrow 1919 Klaus. He heard about Papa Tunde’s power-stealing abilities and was like, “Oh, he sounds fun. He could really mix things up!” MARCEL!!! (Oh! I bet THIS is the thing Rebekah alluded to before the show took its midseason break. Glad we got to the bottom of that.) He tells her he did it so that Klaus would leave them alone/they could be together. Rebekah is like, “Meh, but the only person Klaus really fears is our father, so… ”

Present Day

Klaus yells at the vampires. He tells them they either fight Papa Tunde with him, or they leave the vampire courtyard ASAP. Thierry is like, “WE DON’T OWE YOU JACKSHIT, KLAUS.” He leaves. Some of the other vampires follow suit. Klaus is like, “Meh. Whatevs.”

Later, Marcel, Klaus, Sophie chat about Papa Tunde. Klaus is like, “Uh, I killed that dude 100 years ago. Why and how did he come back?” Sophie is like, “I think someone commandeered The Harvest and resurrected Papa Tunde. IDK. If you want to get rid of him, remember: sacrifices are his fuel, so don’t let him sacrifice any other vamps.”

Klaus is like, “Oh, shit. What if he found the one place that’s full of defenseless vamps, aka the torture garden? He totally found the torture garden.” They go to the torture garden. Sure enough, the markings are there and the vamps have been sacrificed. Papa Tunde’s already done the deed.

After he goes on his sacrifice rampage, Papa Tunde and Celeste meet up. He’s like, “I’ve got the power!” and hands the ivory dagger (shoehorn?) to Celeste. And then, Celeste slits his throat. Well, I suppose that’s the last we’ll see of Papa Tunde. Unless Celeste decides to resurrect him again. I don’t know what her game plan is. For all I know, it could be to resurrect and kill Papa Tunde 23 times in a row. That’d be super weird, but this show is kind of weird.

Image: Blake Tyers/The CW