You'll Want To See Bieb's New Puppy

Sometimes, Instagram can be annoying, shallow, and self-important. But, in the same token, Instagram can be weirdly representative of everything good in this world. Case in point, Justin Bieber got a new puppy named Phil, and he has already posted a plethora of pictures of him to the social media platform. He's glorious and painstaking cute and I hope the singer never, ever stops posting pictures of him.

Tell you more about Phil, you say? Well, sure! He's got huge, dark eyes, a button nose, and floppy ears. So, obvs, he's totally photogenic. Honestly, it makes sense why the singer would want to meet his Instagram quota for puppy pictures considering that, at the moment, he may just have the cutest one around. Sorry, other puppies. Phil is where it's at.

But Phil's presence on Bieber's Instagram is good for more than cooing. While the "What Do You Mean" singer is posting pics of his dog, he isn't posting other, far more problematic things. See what dogs do? They make you a better person.

Here are 11 ways Puppy Phil is the best thing to happen to Bieber's Instagram (and all of us).

1. First Things First, This Image Is Indisputably Good For The Soul

I feel cleansed.

2. Also Consider That Phil (And Esther) Appeal To Bieber's Softer Side

It exists, people. It does.

3. That Said, An Abundance Of Phil Photos Means That We Don't Have To Be Envious Of Vacations We Can't Afford

*Pulls blankets tighter around shivering self*

4. And Of Private Jets We'll Probably Never Get To Fly In

Unless, you know, he invites us.

5. Dare I Say, Phil Makes Biebs Cuter, Too

The caption? OK, Biebs. Ya got me. I swooned.

6. Phil Even Makes His Socks With Sandals Style Choice Palatable

The power of a puppy.

7. Also, Pictures Of Phil Means That We Don't Have To Decode Hockey Lingo


8. Or Speculate About Biebs's Relationships

The constant crypticness takes a toll on my mental state.

9. Bieber's Love For Phil Makes Him Relatable

Seeing as I don't often relate to 21-year-old superstars.

10. And It Gives Us A Deeper Look Into His Personality

This was sweet.

11. But, Mostly, Pics Of Phil Mean Less Of Whatever The Heck This Is

Instagram is a privilege, man. Not a right.

So, thanks Phil. You the real MVP.