The New Kylie Lip Kits Might Be Hard To Find

Jenner fans and makeup junkies, brace yourselves — the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Kylie Jenner's new Valentine's Day Lip Kits dropped on Friday, along with a restock of her original lip kit colors, and it's safe to say they are already breaking the internet. After weeks of teasers from the young beauty guru in the form of cryptic social media messages, obscured Instagram photos, and product name crowd sourcing, it's hard to believe these babies are finally up for grabs. Only one question now remains — are the new Kylie Lip Kits sold out already? Sadly, yes. A moment of silence to mourn our empty shopping carts, please.

When the 18-year-old first launched her highly coveted kits back in November, they sold out in just. one. minute. The kits were restocked soon thereafter, only to sell out again in minutes. So are we really surprised by just how fast they flew off the virtual shelves this time around? It was totally predictable, TBH. Still, it doesn't cushion the blow at all.

Knowing Jenner, or as far as we know her from social media, she will likely whip up a whole new batch of kits and have the site restocked ASAP. Until then, let us say a prayer for all those who didn't get a chance to snag a piece of the fun.

R.I.P Lip Kits.

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Image: Kylie Cosmetics