Here's What Makes A 'Bachelor' Villain

The villains that make up The Bachelor are often the most memorable contestants of the seasons. Sure, we might bond over how much we both loved Catherine and Sean Lowe together, but get me started on Courtney Robertson or Juan Pablo and I could talk for days. Season after season a Bachelor villain rises, taking the title from their predecessor and quickly becoming one of the most talked about person of the season. But what actually makes a Bachelor villain?

There are a lot of moving parts in becoming a Bachelor villain. The graph below isn't suggesting that these people are villains IRL, since I don't think there is a creepy lair where Vienna, Wes, Courtney, Ian, Tierra, Bentley, Kelsey Poe, and now Olivia hang out; it's more of a representation of what the Bachelor villains of past, present, and future seem to have in common. As you'll see, most of them lose (OK, Courtney didn't lose... but that was a fluke). Then, there's the "Can I steal you?" comment that current Bachelor villain Olivia Caridi is a Professional (with a capital "P") at. Of course, it seems that the majority of villains are there for The Wrong Reasons. Then, just throw in a few more "-isms" that all villains seem to have at the top of their vocabulary, stir, let it simmer — wait, this isn't a soup — and you've got yourself a Bachelor villain.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC (3); Mary Rabun/Bustle