Kylie Lip Kits Are Crazy Expensive On eBay Already

Well, the Kylie Lip Kits sold out in basically seconds again, people. OK, so not exactly, but it was fast. Remember the last time this happened? Remember how the only place to buy Kylie Lip Kits was eBay? Well, guess what? We're back in that boat, and these tubes of liquid gold aren't going cheap. The retail price for a Lip Kit, which includes a single tube of matte liquid lipstick and an accompanying lip liner, was last pegged at $29, which is not unexpected for a high-end cosmetic. If that price surprises you, you'd best take a seat, because you're going to pass out when you see what Kylie Lip Kits are selling for on Ebay now.

At the time of this article's publication, the new Lip Kit shades have only been up for purchase for a couple of hours. That is to say that these prices are not static — bidding wars are likely to drive the prices ludicrously high. Hey, one Dolce K kit sold for $10,000 last time. With all the hype surrounding these products, I don't doubt it could happen again. After a quick scan of eBay, I found most Lip Kits selling individually between $150-$195, although some were listed as high as $500.

With so many great Lip Kit dupes on the market, is it worth it to spend a car payment on the real thing? Apparently some people think so. But hold on — this isn't the worst of it.The true heart-stopping, pay-the-mortgage prices are to be found in the brand new combo packs. Now that there are a total of 6 shades in Jenner's lineup, people are charging four digits for the entire collection.

Yeah, you heard me. Four. Digits. While these prices are absolutely insane, you've got to hand it to the eBay sellers for spotting an opportunity like this. With all 6 Kits costing just $174 total, this seller is going to make a profit of about $1,125. Not bad for a couple hours in front of a computer. As a matter of fact, you could totally renovate your beauty routine with that kind of cash!

Images: Screenshots/eBay