This Is What New Kylie Lip Kits Look Like

Finally! At some point today, Kylie Jenner's Valentine's Day Lip Kits will arrive and will likely sell out quick, as the brand's history has dictated. Here's to hoping that Jenner and her team have produced enough supply to meet the insane demand. Makeup lovers and Jenner-o-philes have voiced their desire for the Lip Kits, seeking to paint their puckers with rich, velvety colors. In the past few days, Jenner has posted plenty of Instagram photos teasing her three new colors —the bright pink Posie K, the rich red Mary Jo, and the pastel pink Koko. She has teased the Valentine's Day trifecta alongside the original three neutrals, which I call "Season 1." Jenner and co. shared images of the Lip Kits in their glass tubes, as swatches smeared on forearms, and on her friend's lips.

Jenner also posted a photo of a black box with the familiar dripping lips graphic, which suggests that the Lip Kits will be sold as a set. Perhaps she will offer all six in one package? Or maybe each trio will have its own set? All will be revealed this morning when the Lip Kits go on sale.

There are plenty of visuals so let's look at the evidence of what to expect.

Oh hey Mary Jo and Posie K.

This was the initial Mary Jo debut... before we knew her name.

Posie K was the first "new" color that Jenner shared.

The OG trio of neutrals.

All six so far!

That's a box of awesome.

Another early appearance by Posie K.

Jenner took Posie K for a test drive and it was brighter than her favorite neutrals. A nice change of pace, indeed.

Pink ladies!

Swatch out. The shades are set against a lighter skin tone.

Swatch Part Deux. These colors pop against a darker skin tone.

This is Koko K IRL. It's very pastel, but pops against her skin tone.

Now if only I could get my hands and lips on one of these babies.

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Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (6); Lip Kit by Kylie/Instagram (6)